1151 Grandmaster, You're Too Weak

The Strongest System

Half a month later…

Under the leadership of the Master Gods from the Moon Shadow Mainland, all the various major sects from the Endless Mainland were forced to retreat continuously. The main reason was that after the strike of the Chaos God Cannons, the Endless Mainland had lost a good ten percent of its territory. Furthermore, there were countless of sects that had disappeared in the rivers of history along with that assault.

After suffering from a huge dip in their strength, the disciples of the sects from the Endless Mainland did not have the powers to fight against this oceanic swarm of living beings from the Moon Shadow Mainland even if they wanted to.

Those disciples could not help but wonder if everything was truly going to end just like this. They could truly feel no hope any longer; after all, there was just too many living beings from the Moon Shadow Mainland. This was especially the case when one was to include the Super God Beasts who were extremely ferocious as well. Not only were they enormous in build, their strengths were berserk. With a single smash of their gigantic palms, they could even annihilate an entire sect.

Now that all of those Master Gods were gathered and mowing down with a full frontal assault, even if there were powerful beings who were holding the fort, they looked like nothing but mere ants in the face of this formidable force.

Heaven and Earth Sect…

Geng Yangtian was putting on a grim expression. "Right now, wars are breaking out all over the Endless Mainland…There are simply way too many living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland to deal with. Unable to defend against it any longer, all the major sects have already started to retreat back toward us for backing."

While Lin Fan's expression was calm, his heart was troubled as though his nuts were hurting tremendously.

Gosh! Those Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland were just not acting according to the way everything was supposed to play out! To think that they would just gather together right now and come with their full might, hell bent on annihilating the entire Endless Mainland before coming to a stop!

"How many Immortal King state beings do we have left in the Endless Mainland right now?" Lin Fan knew that in terms of the quantity of Immortal King state beings, they stood at an edge over the Moon Shadow Mainland.

However, there was a difference in grades even amongst the Immortal Kings. Only those of middle grade and above could actually stand a chance against the Master Gods. As for those newly minted Immortal Kings, they were basically no match for the Master Gods at all.

It would most likely take just a single Master God to mow his way through while the average Immortal Kings would not be able to hold off at all.

Geng Yangtian replied, "Right now, there are a total of ninety three Immortal Kings here. Out of them, twenty are newly minted ones. With that, the number of Immortal Kings that can actually deal damage to the Master Gods is down to the seventy three of us."

"How are there so little of us?" Lin Fan was confused; this shouldn't be right! But when, he thought about how there were already many Immortal Kings slain by the first assault of the Moon Shadow Mainland's invasion, everything made sense.

Geng Yangtian shook his head. "This time around, I'm afraid that we'll really have to go at it with our lives. Based on the report by our scout, the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland are rushing over from the Ocean of Death all gathered up together. It's clear that they intend to surround us completely. This is no longer a situation that those average disciples will be able to handle anymore. For those Master Gods, anyone below the state of an Immortal King is nothing more than a mere ant. Therefore, I think that we should have all of the disciples retreat to the back. Juntian, you shall take charge of leading all the disciples of the various sects out of this place. Let us handle the situation here."

As the Grandmaster, Han Juntian was immediately indignant when he heard these words. "Old Master, I am the Grandmaster. How can I stray away from the battle?"

Lin Fan chuckled out, "Grandmaster, you should hurry and take them away with you first."

"Even if they should be taken away, you should be the one to take them away. How can I, Han Juntian, leave this place?" Han Juntian replied.

Looking over at Han Juntian, Lin Fan's words got a little hurtful. "Grandmaster, you should really take them and leave first. Even though you are an Immortal King, your strength is truly way too weak. You are definitely no match for those Master Gods…You might even end up being a burden for us."

Han Juntian was stumped, his expression changing slightly as though he was stunned silly by Lin Fan's words.

"Grandmaster, even though those words may have been a little hurtful, there's truly no other way about it. You know for a fact that the average Immortal Kings no longer have a need to take part in the battle anymore. Even if they did, they would just end up as cannon fodder. It's best to still leave some resources for the Endless Mainland." Lin Fan continued.

Everything this time around had left him with a huge mounting pressure. He could no longer feel as relaxed as he did at the start.

At the same time, he could not help but feel relieved in his heart that he thankfully had f*cked a few Master Gods over at the start. Otherwise, if the Moon Shadow Mainland had their complete force of seventy two Master Gods, the pressure of that would have been absolutely overwhelming.

Geng Yangtian coughed out gently. "Juntian, you are the Grandmaster of the Heaven and Earth Sect. At a moment as such, you should know of your responsibilities and take the disciples away with you so that we can ensure that we keep a part of the Endless Mainland's bloodline. Of course, everything would be fine if we can triumph over the Moon Shadow Mainland. But if we fail, no matter what, no matter the price…you guys MUST live on."

"Old Master..." Han Juntian looked over at his Old Master before turning around to look at Lin Fan. Eventually, he sighed out, "I understand."

"Boss." At that moment, Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu arrived.

Lin Fan let out a faint smile. "The two of you lads have finally known to return, huh? But, fair enough! Your cultivation states have increased by quite a bit, and you are nearly Immortal Lords now. The two of you, follow the Grandmaster and leave. Also, make sure you protect my family properly."

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu looked at Lin Fan emotionally. The two of them were both robbers in the past, and had followed Lin Fan to join the Heaven and Earth Sect. Yet, even when their strengths were about to reach the Immortal Lord states right now, they still could not render any bit of assistance. This was especially the case this time around — no matter how stupid they were, they could still understand that this might very well be the last meeting between them.

"Boss, are you not going to go take a look at them?" Qiu Zhanyu asked.

Lin Fan froze for a moment before shaking his head. "No…If I survive, I'll naturally be able to meet them once more. And if I were to die, that would only add to their troubles."

For the great battle this time around, he was feeling extremely unsettled. He had been trying to calm himself down for the longest time now, but he just could not help but feel uneasy. It was as though a good fifty percent of his life was now entirely dependent on the wills of the Heavens.

"Grandmaster, you guys should gather the disciples and leave first. We've got to plan this out properly. Given the speed of the Moon Shadow Mainland right now, it's going to take three days at most for them to arrive." Lin Fan commented.

Han Juntian nodded his head, not knowing just what he could say anymore. He knew that the battle this time around was exceptionally critical. It was just as Lin Fan had said: even though he was an Immortal King, he was only a newly minted one who could offer no help at all. And in the worst case scenario, he could even become a burden.

After the masses left, Lin Fan sighed out. "Old Master, could I trouble you to gather all the Old Masters of the various sects? We've got to discuss this through."

Geng Yangtian nodded his head. The seventy three Immortal King Old Masters had varying strength, and were the only remaining Senior Old Masters of the various sects right now. As for some of the other Senior Old Masters, they had died in the hands of the Master Gods. Not only that, there were those beams of light from earlier on that had most probably destroyed a good number of sects — it was highly likely that the other Old Masters had already perished.

The Old Masters remaining from the Endless Mainland who were supposed to be here had all arrived.

Looking at all of these Old Masters, Lin Fan spoke up, "Everyone, the time for our life or death battle may very well come in three days' time. At this point, I hope that everyone can unite together. Everyone, please hand over all of your Immortal Weapons or any storage rings you have. I should probably craft and refine some stuff for all of you guys."

Without any bit of hesitation, the Old Masters took out all of their storage rings as well as their Immortal Weapons.

At a moment as such, none of them would feel that Lin Fan was merely coveting after their stuff. After all, this was an extremely treacherous situation. If he were to truly have thoughts of stealing their items greedily, they would just be utterly speechless over it.

Looking at the storage rings up in the void, Lin Fan extended his palm and took all of them in.

Craft weapons!

Cultivate pills!

Appearing in the world, the Heaven and Earth Smelt swallowed all of those Immortal Weapons and materials for crafting weapons in.

Vring! Vring!

In a split second, the entire world was filled with a luscious radiance as countless Immortal Weapons flew out of the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

Lin Fan sighed out. To think that at this final moment, he had not managed to craft out a single Special Item. What a pity! Seemed like…the Heavens were not watching and blessing over them.

When the Old Masters of the various sects caught sight of these Immortal Weapons, all of them were flabbergasted.

Lin Fan spoke out, "All of you, take your pick from these Immortal Weapons. As for the defensive Immortal Weapons, take as many as you can possibly. They will at least be able to guarantee your safety to a certain extent."

With Pills Through Thought, Lin Fan then started replicating Immortal Pills.

Since the war was about to begin, they naturally had to make every single preparation they could for it…