1152 Starting The Fight With A Beautiful Takedown

The Strongest System

At a moment like this, Lin Fan was no longer bothered with keeping anything up his sleeves anymore. While crafting these Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons might most likely not have any significant use against the Master Gods, it would still be able to carry forth a strain of threat to them. This was especially the case for the defensive Immortal Weapons that could help to deflect some damage at least.

All of the Old Masters were stumped — they had not expected that Lin Fan would even still have methods as such.

Geng Yangtian asked gently, "Do you have anything troubling your heart?"

Lin Fan chuckled. Indeed, there was truly something that was troubling him — the Ancient Saint World. Even at that point when he had ascended into his Immortal King state, he was still unable to open that gigantic door.

He truly missed Xuan Yunxian, the Fire Water Empress, Chicky, and the others. He could not help but wonder how they were right now.

He did not know if he would ever get the chance to open it again after this. But perhaps, it was for the best that he couldn't open it. At least, they would not have to face everything that was happening now.

Lin Fan chuckled out, "There's nothing to be troubled about. I was merely thinking about how everything would end up. While the Master Gods are the biggest headache of the entire affair this time around, the fact that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord has not appeared recently is also a big cause of worry for us. Not only that, there's a Frost Master God amongst those Master Gods, who is the strongest out of them all. The previous time around, her God Core was damaged by me. But, to think that she would have recovered from it this quickly. This is some tremendous pressure here indeed."

Geng Yangtian sighed out as he patted Lin Fan on the shoulder. "We can only try our best."

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head. "Don't worry! Even if I were to die, I've got the confidence that I can drag all of those Master Gods down with me."

The moment he spoke those words, Lin Fan's eyes flashed with a tinge of ruthlessness — this was the expression of a man who was fighting with his life. Indeed, it was as Lin Fan had said; if there was really no chance of coming back against them at the end of the day, he naturally had to try his best to drag all of those Master Gods down with him.

This was especially the case for the stronger Master Gods — he must definitely not let a single one of them remain alive.

Three days later…

Lin Fan stood in the void of the Heaven and Earth Sect, surrounded by various Immortal King Old Masters around him. The faces of the masses were grim as their sights were fixated on the distance. All of them had already sensed an alarming howl coming from far beyond.

At the same time, there was a densely clustered patch of darkness that was vast beyond anything else — this was nothing but a frightening army approaching them rapidly.

Lin Fan's eyes narrowed. "They're coming…"

At that moment, everyone turned vigilant right away. They did not dare to be careless; after all, they were facing the incoming assault of the Moon Shadow Mainland's full force.

As for the Master Gods of the Moon Shadow Mainland, there were only a mere sixty one of them left. In terms of numbers, while the Endless Mainland might have the advantage, they were probably only on par at best in terms of fighting strength.


A series of maddened roars boomed over as countless living beings over there howled out ferociously. Amongst them were Super God Beasts with enormously huge bodies. They looked like colossal objects of the Heaven and Earth that were rampaging over.

"I'm going to strike first." Lin Fan remarked. With that, his right palm took on the shape of a blade that sliced out at the ground, splitting it asunder. As he grabbed out with both hands, it was as though there were a pair of invisible arms that were grabbing out at the ground as a furious holler shook the entire world. Bursting forth with a boundless amount of powers, Lin Fan grabbed at the ground within the radius of 10,000 miles.


Ripping the ground up singlehandedly, he bolted out over toward the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland, bent on crushing them to death completely.

But of course, Lin Fan knew wanting to take down all of those living beings with just this alone would definitely be impossible. Therefore, he raised his palm and caused a series of Sword Wills to surge up into the skies.

"World of Swords."

Given his strength right now, slicing up and forming dimensional voids was no longer something beyond his capabilities; these were things that he could do with absolute ease. All of those Sword Wills blanketed the entire world and flashed out with an unparalleled brilliance, capable of severing everything between the Heaven and Earth.

"To think that this lad would have already gotten this strong. Just that move alone…even if it's me, I might not be able to perform something as such."

Geng Yangtian could not help but acknowledge the sight before him. That single raise of Lin Fan's hand had caused a wave of Sword Wills to flash out, causing the entire world to emit a bone chilling Sword Gleam.


With just a single thought of Lin Fan, those Sword Wills that were floating out in the void started pouring down like heavy rain, and slashing out toward those living beings littered below.

But at that moment, a frosty voice drifted over.

"Ice Wall!"

All of a sudden, a gigantic Ice Wall appeared in front of those living beings, protecting them within.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed. "Frost Master God!"


Even though the Ice Wall had managed to block off those Sword Wills, it gradually started showing signs of cracking on its surface. Before long, it broke apart as the remaining Sword Wills pierced over and struck out onto the bodies of those living beings, slicing them up entirely.

'The strength of the Frost Master God is way weaker than before!' Lin Fan was elated in his heart. If this were truly the case, they might probably stand a great chance. If it were in the past, he might have been nervous about it. But, given the current situation, it was evident that she was far from who she was in the past. Seemed like her injuries must have not recovered just yet — her strength was clearly not at her pinnacle state.


The living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland retreated hastily before opening up a path between them. The sixty one Master Gods that stood there came in all shapes and sizes. But, when they were gathered together, the amount of God Power emanating out of them was absolutely chilling.

This was especially the case for the Master God standing right in the front — the Frost Master God. Right now, her face was ice cold as she glared at Lin Fan firmly, exuding a dark look from her eyes that was filled with an abyssal rage.

All the Old Masters prepared themselves. This was the first time some of them had come face to face against the Master Gods, and they could feel their hearts tightening up while they slowly built their auras.

Lin Fan commanded, "You guys be careful. The strength of that Frost Master God and the War Master God is far from normal. Later on, leave those two to me. I'll handle them."

Geng Yangtian replied with a grim tone, "How can we do that? How are you a match for the two of them?"

Lin Fan waved it off with his hand. "This War Master God is someone who is around the same level as the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. None of you guys are a match for them at all. If I can hold these two guys back, you guys can go suppress the other Master Gods."

Geng Yangtian wanted to say more, but given the current situation, he kept it to himself eventually. He knew that Lin Fan was just trying to reduce the pressure on them. However, at a critical moment as such, there was probably no room for him to think that much anymore.

The War Master God and the Frost Master God were people that Lin Fan had fought against before, and he was extremely clear about their strength. Given the strength of Geng Yangtian and the others, if they were to go up against the two, they would definitely not have much of a chance of winning.

This was especially the case given that those three veteran Immortal Kings had long disappeared without a trace. There was no way they could rely on those three helping out at all.

At this moment, Lin Fan spoke up, "Frost Master God, to think that you would have healed up this quickly. Only, your strength seems to have taken quite the dip."

Far in the distance, the Frost Master God's face was extremely cold. "Despicable Indigenous Beings, today shall mark your doom…"

Lin Fan chuckled out, "Whose doom it would be is something that can't be determined just yet. Do you really think that can do anything to me with just you sixty one Master Gods? Don't forget now…All of those eleven Master Gods of your side that had fallen have all been killed by Yours Truly."

At that moment, the Hell Master God stood out. "Indigenous Being! You're courting death!"

Lin Fan looked at the Hell Master God before replying calmly, "Come closer and say that if you've got the balls."

Amongst those Master Gods, the Hell Master God was someone with an average strength. When he heard the words of that Indigenous Being, he snorted out coldly right away as he stepped forward. "Indigenous Being, so what if I'm closer to you?"

Lin Fan guesstimated for a moment and could not help but nod his head agreeably. "This distance is truly enough."

"What did you say?" The Hell Master God was stunned for a moment as though he had yet to react to that statement.

"5,000 meter saber!" Lin Fan roared out as a 5,000 meters long saber appeared in his hands right away. At the same time, the Hell Master God was pierced by it instantaneously.

When Geng Yangtian and the others caught sight of that, they were thoroughly gobsmacked. Just what in the world was going on here?

Lin Fan bellowed out in laughter, "Yours Truly is going to chop all of you trashes to death…!"


With that, Lin Fan flicked his wrist as the Hell Master God blew up immediately before he bolted out toward the rest of the Master Gods.

"Go!" Geng Yangtian did not hesitate at all.

A beautiful opening to take down a Master God just like that…Simply beautiful!

And with that, the war erupted.