1153 Death Of The War Master God

The Strongest System

Lin Fan was the first to rush into the fray. Against these Master Gods, he wasn't fazed in the slightest bit as he struck out with a single palm all for the sake of slapping these pieces of trash to death. However, the War Master God and the Frost Master God did not give him the chance to do that at all. They knew of the might of this particular Indigenous Being; therefore, they naturally were trying their best to defend against the other party.

The hatred that the Frost Master God had toward Lin Fan could be considered as nothing short of torrential. The previous time, she could have crushed this Indigenous Being just like an ant. And yet, she fell for his trick and had her God Core cracked up instead, causing a huge amount of damage to herself. If not for all the Ice Sculptures that she had accumulated over countless of years, it might have probably taken her an extremely long time to recover from it.

"Indigenous Being, your death has arrived." The Frost Master God said with a cold tone. She was totally unbothered about the invasion of the Moon Shadow Mainland into the Endless Mainland. In fact, she didn't even have the intentions of taking part in the battle. That was because to her, all of these ant-like living beings were not worthy of her attention at all. However, the fact that this Indigenous had killed the Water Master God had her thoroughly enraged. Now, she wanted to freeze over the entire Endless Mainland so that they would sink into an eternal slumber.

Lin Fan snorted out coldly as both of his arms were wrapped around with a boundless power. "It's hard to tell who will be the one dying just yet. While your strength might be strong, you have yet to recover fully. As for the War Master God, while he may be powerful, Yours Truly knows no fear either! Killing you guys is nothing more than a matter of time. I'll see what capabilities you guys have then!"

"Receive this move of Yours Truly!"

Lin Fan strode out with a single step and hurled out a punch. The Doomsday Calamity was a destructive type of mystic skill. Now that Lin Fan had cultivated it into an Immortal Art, every time he deployed it, it would always bring forth a power that was absolutely supernatural.

The Doomsday God Spirit howled out furiously as those enraged bellows rattled the entire world. A series of Doomsday Powers blanketed the world, wrapping the War Master God and the Frost Master God in it completely.

At that moment, all the other Old Masters had long engaged in duels with the other Master Gods.

In terms of numbers, the Endless Mainland had the advantage. However, in terms of strength, some of the Master Gods were way stronger than the Old Masters. Using the advantage in numbers to make up for their lack of strength was a strategy that would enable them to hold on for the moment.

Power of Biggra!

Lin Fan flipped his palm up toward the Heavens as the Power of Biggra burst forth before melding into the world and swimming out amongst the Master Gods. To the Master Gods, the Power of Biggra was something that did not have much effect on them, as they could defend against it easily. However, it could not be denied that its mere presence was enough to bring pressure for the Master Gods subconsciously.

Demon City!

The Big Ancient Demon who had been groomed by Lin Fan the entire time was let out completely.

Lin Fan looked at the Big Ancient Demon before speaking up, "Today shall be the final battle! Go kill to your heart's pleasure and turn the Heavens over!"


With that, the Big Ancient Demon roared out furiously — he had been waiting for a battle as such for the longest time now. He was a Demon Emperor, an existence that was unparalleled between the worlds. Yet, he had never once experienced a battle where he could fight with all his might and sweat as he had never before. Because of that, his heart had always been thirsting for the flames of war. Now that the chance was presenting itself to him, how could he not get excited over it?

Lin Fan took out the Nine Five Legendary Brick with his left hand and wielded the Eternal Axe in his right before bursting forth with every single bit of horsepower he had to engage with the two Master Gods.

In this battle, it was either the other party that was going to be destroyed or the Endless Mainland. While the pressure was certainly somewhat heavy, Lin Fan still wanted to derive his heartfelt pleasure from the heat of the battle. As for Immortal Arts and mystic skills, he could not get too used to them no matter what. His favorite mode of battle was still none other than melee combat.

"War Master God! Receive the axe of Yours Truly if you've got the guts!" Lin Fan roared out before slicing through the Heaven and Earth with the Eternal Axe, causing a bright flash of axe light to burst forth and slice out at the War Master God right away.

The Ice Barrier of the Frost Master God was way too strong; while it was most definitely destructible, the chances of Lin Fan getting to kill her weren't all that high. As for the War Master God, things were different — he was much weaker than the Frost Master God. If he were to kill this guy off, that would improve his chances at this fight greatly.

"Hmph! An Indigenous Being who doesn't know his place." The War Master God could only scoff out coldly in return as that towering body of his trembled momentarily, causing a strong War Qi to spread out of him. The fine horses before him were even bursting forth with their four different powers.





The four different powers gushed out toward Lin Fan.

Those four fine horses were the mounts of the War Master God, and also representations of his powers. If this were in the past, Lin Fan might have found it extremely troublesome to deal with. But now? They were things that could not even withstand a single blow of his.



A single cleave of his axe over and the four fine horses were sliced to death.

When the War Master God caught sight of this scene, he could not help but yell out in rage right away while the long War Spear in his hands was flung over. "Indigenous Being! How dare you kill the pets of Your Master God! GO TO HELL…!"

Lin Fan's body moved out in a flash while his brows burrowed; the Frost Master God was still patiently awaiting a chance at the sidelines while gathering a series of frost in the void above her that were taking on the shape of icicles. The moment Lin Fan was exposed, they bolted off with a 'Pshew' sound and tore through the void.


When the Eternal Axe and the long spear of the War Master God clashed, a dazzling brilliance erupted forth from their point of contact. At the same time, the icicles from the Frost Master God had arrived before Lin Fan's face.

His face tensed up as he tried to dodge right away. But in a flash, the War Master God grabbed hold of Lin Fan while letting off a cold smirk on his face. "Indigenous Being, where are you thinking of running off to?"

"Hmph!" Lin Fan laughed out with a cold, contemptuous tone.

Heaven and Earth Smelt!

When the icicles struck the Heaven and Earth Smelt, a reverberating boom drifted throughout the entire world. Catching sight of that scene, the brows of the Frost Master God knitted up while she felt a sense of incredulity in her heart, not knowing what had just happened.

Within the Heaven and Earth Smelt at this moment…

The War Master God was confused and stumped when he caught sight of his surroundings.

"What is this place?"

"This is Hell." Lin Fan let out a bright smile. But for the War Master God, that smile looked more like a taunt than anything else.

"Indigenous Being! What are you thinking of doing?!" The War Master God roared out in rage.

Lin Fan could only scoff coldly, "To think that you would actually take the initiative to come and grab Yours Truly. With that, your death sentence has arrived."



Instantly, the Heaven and Earth Smelt was activated entirely as that Power of Refinement that could refine anything in this world started to coil around the two of them.

Lin Fan stood there without budging a single inch, using his physical body to fight against it. However, even with the body of an Immortal King, he could still not defend against this Power of Refinement.


The War Master God suddenly roared out furiously — he had discovered that his body was starting to melt down! He then looked at Lin Fan with an alarmed expression. "Indigenous Being! Are you thinking of dying together with me here?"

Lin Fan heaved in a deep breath of air; the pain was so unbearable that he could not make a sound at all. His body was just disintegrating bit by bit under this Power of Refinement. The only thing that he could do right now was to focus all of his powers toward the area of his heart and ensure that he would not be destroyed entirely.

To think that at the end of the day, he would still have to rely on methods as such.

While it was true that the body of the War Master God was definitely strong, it should most likely be that bit weaker when compared to his own.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…!" The War Master God screamed out as he felt his heart starting to break down as well. He was finally realizing that this Indigenous Being was really going at him with his life.

Lin Fan felt equally troubled in his heart.

'C'mon now, stop with your incessant screams. Yours Truly doesn't want to resort to this either. But, there's just no other way about it. No choice then… We can only suffer here together.'

In the past, Lin Fan was most afraid of the Heaven and Earth Smelt because the pain was just simply unbearable. But given the situation right now, what else could he do? There was no other way for him to live unless he were to fight for it with his life.

The Power of Refinement was merely getting stronger with time. Witnessing the body of the War Master God crumbling down and disintegrating such that there was only a little bit of it left, Lin Fan discovered that it was the exact same for him — his body was almost completely gone by now as well. In fact, even his heart might not be safe from this. Therefore, he naturally did not dare to put on an act anymore.


No more, he must not refine anymore. If he were to continue refining, he might truly be snuffed out together with the War Master God.

Right now, the injuries of the War Master God were extremely severe as well. "Indigenous Being! What you're doing is just causing a lose-lose situation! What else can you do now?!"

Lin Fan cast a single glance at the War Master God and controlled his Mythical Parasol Tree thereafter. Instantly, a boundless lifeforce burst forth and gushed right into his body.

In order to face the battle this time around, they had long prepared and gathered tons of lifeforce. In fact, they had even crystallized them into a series of Life Crystals. At this moment, Lin Fan used all of them right away to heal up his body's injuries.

Under the frightful watch of the War Master God, Lin Fan's body returned to its original look. As for the Mythical Parasol Tree, the lifeforce within it was dissipated almost completely.

Lin Fan looked at the War Master God who had nothing more than a single head left, and just stomped it into a f*cking pulp right after.

'Ding… Congratulations on killing War Master God.'

"Hmph! Finally f*cked over another one of them." Lin Fan laughed out as swept his robes and stepped out of the Heaven and Earth Smelt straightaway.

In the blink of an eye, his only opponent left right now was the Frost Master God. As long as he were to take her down, the rest of the Master Gods would not really be an issue…