1154 Shatter

The Strongest System

When the Frost Master God caught sight of Lin Fan and not the War Master God, she was stunned for a moment. "Where is the War Master God?"

Lin Fan looked askance at the Frost Master God. "Dead…"

"You…!" The moment the Frost Master God heard that, she was taken aback. She had not expected that the War Master God would have died!

When he caught sight of the expression on her face, Lin Fan chuckled out, "What now? Feeling reluctant, are you? Could it be that you've had an affair with the War Master God?"

"Audacious…!" The Frost Master God was entirely enraged right now. She had not thought that the War Master God could have been killed by this Indigenous Being; in her mind, this was something absolutely incredulous.

"So what if I'm being audacious? Today, only one of us is going to leave this place alive. No one shall dream of being able to escape unscathed." Lin Fan took a single step forward and bolted out for the Frost Master God as that reverberating stomp of his foot resounded out across the world.

Snorting coldly in return, the Frost Master God sent a boundless Power of Frost that spread throughout the entire world.


The Heaven and Earth were destroyed as that formidable power caused the void to turn into ruins.

Bringing the disciples away with him, Han Juntian had already retreated from the place. But, despite their distance from the fight, they could still sense the terrifying powers that were drifting over from the battlefield. It was so horrifying that just feeling it had them losing their guts.

He truly wanted to head back, but when he thought about the responsibilities that he bore, he could only continue to lead the countless disciples away from the Endless Mainland till they eventually reached a safe place.

At that moment, Lin Fan had already sustained some injuries. This Frost Master God was way too troublesome to deal with indeed. Even if her powers were not at her pinnacle state right now, her methods were still extremely dangerous. Those frost of hers were totally unyielding; even with his Physical Body State at that of an Immortal King state, he still had no way of dealing with them.

Killing the War Master God did increase his experience points by a fair amount. However, he had not expected that there would still be quite a gap in strength between him and the Frost Master God.

Just at that moment, a tragic wail rang out.

Lin Fan spun his head around and discovered that there was a ball of flames that were burning on the body of the Old Master White Saint of the Kunlun God Sect.

"White Saint…!" Seeing that flame, Geng Yangtian was totally helpless. He was fighting alongside White Saint to suppress the Flame Master God. But, none of them expected that he would have been so strong that even their combined powers were unable to take him down!

Lin Fan's brows furrowed. He had wanted to step in to help them out when the Frost Master God roared out loudly all of a sudden, sealing the void around him completely. She then glared at Lin Fan coldly. "You're thinking of saving him? It's a pity you won't be able to leave this place."

"You…!" Lin Fan's heart tightened up in the face of it; he had already sensed that the power of that flame was not something that White Saint would be able to extinguish.

Geng Yangtian was furiously using all sorts of Immortal Arts mystic skills. But no matter how he tried, the flame refused to go out — White Saint was most likely in grave danger right now.

Standing up in the void, the Flame Master God roared out in laughter, "Haha! Indigenous Beings, how is that? The Flame of God is something that you guys will never be able to put out for all eternity! It will continue to burn everything you have until there is nothing but ashes left!"

White Saint, who was being wrapped around in that flame, started to feel fear brooding within his heart. The flame that was engulfing his body was eating out at his existence relentlessly.

Geng Yangtian was still busy trying to save him when White Saint extended his hand. "Don't try to save me anymore. Take him down with me."

"But you…!" Geng Yangtian was aghast.

White Saint waved it off with his hand. "There's no way to extinguish these flames, but I can still hold on for now. This Flame Master God must not be allowed to live. Kill…!"


A torrential battle intent surged up into the skies before bolting out to kill the Flame Master God.

Looking at White Saint, the Flame Master God merely smirked out in disdain. "Not knowing your place."

Lin Fan was tangled up by the Frost Master God at this moment. He had not expected that the strength of that Flame Master God would be this strong as well, such that even the combined efforts of Geng Yangtian and White Saint were not enough to have him taken down!


"Frost Master God! Get lost!" Lin Fan hollered out.

Looking at Lin Fan, that peerlessly beautiful face of the Frost Master God let out a faint smile. "Are you frustrated now? Prove yourself with your strength then. Otherwise, you are just going to have to watch as those Old Masters of yours get incinerated into ashes completely."

"Courting death…!"

White Saint's aura was getting fainter by the moment as those flames continued to burn him up. At the same time, Geng Yangtian was only getting flustered by the moment as he could feel the former's aura weakening.


All of a sudden, the Flame Master God's arm which was covered with flames pierced through White Saint's body as he looked down with absolute contempt. "You truly do not know your place, eh?"

Geng Yangtian bellowed out, "WHITE SAINT…!!!"

White Saint's head slumped down as he struggled to turn around and look at Geng Yangtian. "Y-You still o-owe me a f-favor. I-I want you to p-pay it to me right n-now. Take c-care of the K-Kunlun God Sect for m-me…"


In a flash, White Saint's body was burning up with every single drop of power he had. The Flame Master God was startled — he had just realized that this Indigenous Being was going to self destruct!

He tried to escape immediately, but suddenly, he found his arm being gripped tightly by White Saint, who was allowing that flame to burn his body wantonly. "FLAME MASTER GOD, GO TO HELL…!"



The self destruction of an Immortal King was one that could shake up the entire world. Even time and space itself were flung into chaos at this moment.

Looking at everything before him, Geng Yangtian was just petrified.

"Damn it…!" At that moment, the broken body of the Flame Master God appeared floating up in the void. He had not expected that the Indigenous Being would actually blow himself up! Not only that, the force produced by that self destruction was so immense that it actually destroyed half of his God Body!

Looking at everything before him, Geng Yangtian was filled with nothing but anguish in his heart. Even though the relationship between the Heaven and Earth Sect and the Kunlun God Sect wasn't all that great, it was still a sect that had accompanied them as neighbors for countless of years.

"DIE…!!!" Geng Yangtian roared out as he bolted out at the Flame Master God with a single palm strike. That enormous impact that was coming at him caused the latter to snap out of his stupor as he burst forth with all his powers as well when he caught sight of that palm strike. He then retaliated at Geng Yangtian with his Flames of God surging up torrentially.

As his arm was wrapped in flames, Geng Yangtian could not help but furrow his brows while sending a boundless amount of power to gush right into the body of the Flame Master God.


The Flame Master God was suppressed entirely before Geng Yangtian severed that arm of his that was engulfed in those flames.

Even though there were still some flames at the area of his wounds that he could not purge away for the moment, Geng Yangtian focused his mind and used his powers to suppress it temporarily. While he was absolutely aggrieved over White Saint's sacrifice, he did not have the chance to hesitate at this moment.

"White Saint, as long as I remain alive, I will definitely protect your Kunlun God Sect!"

The duel between Lin Fan and the Frost Master God had gotten so intense that it was practically at a state of generating white flames. Every single collision between the two of them had far surpassed everything in this world. Lin Fan had been trying his best to f*ck the Frost Master God over to death the entire time, but he just could not find the opening he wanted.

In his opinion, this Frost Master God was definitely on par with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Even his own Nine Five Legendary Brick did not have the chance to be used at all.

It could be said that the state of the entire battle right now was extremely tragic.

Both sides had sustained enormous losses, with countless of Master Gods having fallen, and plenty of Old Masters being either injured or dead.

Old Master Pu Xin of the Good and Evil Buddha Sect even had half of his Buddha Heart destroyed by the Master Gods. If not for the timely support of the other Old Masters, he might have fallen long ago.

The Frost Master God glared at Lin Fan icily, her face revealing signs of fatigue as well. She had not expected that this Indigenous Being would have been this strong. Furthermore, the way he was fighting was as though he had not a single care for his life. He was just coming at her head on time and again without a single bother for his body's condition!

"Indigenous Being, you are truly strong indeed. But, it's time for us to end this right now." At that moment, the Frost Master God roared out, causing a formidable Frost Aura to gush out as the entire void started contorting and freezing.

"Frost City, come forth and descend!"

Immediately, a vast power gushed out of the void beyond. When Lin Fan turned his gaze over, he could not help but put up his guard in his heart.