1155 The Buddha Ancestor Arrives

The Strongest System

From the depths of the void, a Frost City started to take shape. It looked as though it was far away and extremely close at the same time; seemingly able to descend at any moment now.

The Power of Frost that was rippling over from it was even giving Lin Fan an alarming feeling somehow!

Not wanting to drag this out any further, the Frost Master God had deployed her killer move right away. There were already countless Master Gods that had fallen by now; so, this was a war that must NOT be allowed to drag any further. If this went on, it might just end up with both sides sustaining heavy losses.

The reason why the Master Gods had such an interest toward the Endless Mainland was because the Master of Chaos had once left behind a prophecy — the encounter for them to breakthrough from being Master Gods was contained within the Endless Mainland.

Some of the Master Gods weren't all that bothered about breaking through their cultivation states at all. After all, they were already the utmost beings back in the Moon Shadow Mainland. However, the development of the Moon Shadow Mainland was simply way too rapid.

With the blooming population, the land and resources they had were no longer able to sustain the amount of people present.

As for the Master Gods that were in a rush to breakthrough to become Master of Chaos's, all of them wanted to know just what sort of encounter lay in wait for them in the Endless Mainland.

As the Old Masters and the Master Gods were exchanging blows, they could not help but break into a shiver when they felt the spreading Power of Frost, retreating away to make a path immediately.

Within the void, all that was left was a patch of whiteness as the whole space was covered with frost. Under the call of the Frost Master God, a majestic Frost City appeared above the heads of everyone. Even the barriers that were laid out by the Frost Master God herself were shattered immediately under the pressure of this Frost City.

Noticing that the Old Masters wanted to head over, Lin Fan waved them off with his hand. "None of you come over. This isn't something that any of you can defend against."

The auras of Geng Yangtian and the others had already started to diminish down gradually. This fight with the Master Gods had all the Old Masters expending their fullest strengths and deploying countless of methods. Those Master Gods were extremely bothersome to deal with indeed. Each time they wanted to kill a Master God, there had to be an Old Master to fall as well.

In fact, because some of the Master Gods had moves that were exceptionally crafty, the Old Masters themselves had taken on quite a loss – there were quite a number of them that were beaten so badly that even their consciousnesses were destroyed entirely.

A single look over and one could see that there were merely around twenty Old Masters left. As for the side of the Moon Shadow Mainland, there were only thirteen of them remaining.

This was an extremely miserable state of affairs.

A war as such that was just destroying the foundations of both sides had rendered the void completely devastated since a while ago, with void currents just gushing out all over the place. If anyone below the Immortal King state were to arrive here, they would most likely be engulfed within the chaos of the void currents.

"Frost Master God, now that we've already come to this point, there's no way we can just call it quits. If you have any more capabilities, take them out then." Lin Fan remarked coldly.

His face which was once filled with nothing but cheeky expressions was now sombre and serious.

He could no longer find the emotions to feel happiness anymore.

There were simply way too many that had died in this war.

"Indigenous Being, as long as you are to die, there will no longer be a match for us in the entire Endless Mainland." The Frost Master God spread her arms wide apart, causing a Power of Frost to gush into that Frost City.

There were many Ice Sculptures contained within that vast, majestic Frost City. However, they were all shattered at this moment as everything flowed inside it. It seemed as though there was an energy channeling within it.

At this moment, the Big Ancient Demon appeared before Lin Fan, looking over at that Frost City up above him with an unyielding gaze.

Lin Fan was stunned, "What are you trying to do?"

The Big Ancient Demon did not turn his head around. Instead, he replied grimly, "I can feel that the power contained within that thing is extremely strong. If it were to self destruct, you might most likely not be able to block it."

Lin Fan peered at the Big Ancient Demon. "If I'm unable to block against it, will YOU be able to?"

The Big Ancient Demon replied without a single trace of fear still, "No, I wouldn't either. But, I will use my life to fend against it."

Lin Fan stood in front of the Big Ancient Demon. "Back down. There's nothing for you here."

The Big Ancient Demon shook his head before replying with a low tone, "I will not back down. You created me…Even though I've never ever enjoyed a true battle, today, you have allowed me to experience the glory that I once had back when I conquered the Infinite Worlds…"

Those words that came forth were absolutely groundbreaking. When the Old Masters heard that, they could feel their entire bodies shuddering momentarily. None of them could have expected that a Weapon Spirit would be able to spout out such a statement! This was simply worth respecting! However, they were astounded with what happened in the next second as well.

Lin Fan grabbed the back of the Big Ancient Demon's head and flung him far to the back. "Get on one side! This is not the place for you to throw your life."

In a split second, Lin Fan stomped down onto the ground with a single foot as a boundless power erupted out of his body. He then glared at the Frost Master God with an extremely cold look. "You wish to suppress me with this Frost City? We'll just have to see if you've got the capabilities to do so then! Furthermore, do you really think that I will give you the chance to do so?"



His aura was just like a dragon that soared up into the Heavens ferociously. Moving his body nimbly, Lin Fan then bolted out to suppress the Frost Master God with all his might.

The Frost Master God narrowed her gaze at Lin Fan as that peerlessly beautiful face of hers smirked out with a cold scoff while she raised a single finger. "Oh, foolish Indigenous Being! Do you really think that this is a self destruction? You're wrong. I'm merely gathering all the powers of Your Master God to penetrate through you."


In that instant, the Frost City disintegrated completely as everything converged down toward the Frost Master God. There was a single spot of Frost Light that was glowing out faintly. However, Lin Fan knew that just within that single point of light was an extremely threatening power.

"And don't you dare think about hiding into that smelt of yours. The moment you do so, this power will definitely be more than enough to annihilate all of those other Indigenous Beings behind you."

Lin Fan froze for a moment as his expression took on a faint change before he chuckled out coldly, "Hmph! You're thinking too much now. You expect me to hide within my smelt with just this amount of power from you? You must really be thinking way too highly of yourself…"

"Die then…!" The Frost Master God roared out as the tremendous Power of Frost pounced over with an extreme ferocity.

Lin Fan heaved in a deep breath of air as his body burst forth with a blinding brilliance.

But right at that moment, a weird phenomenon appeared.

From the endless void, a Buddha Palm crushed down and pushed out at the Frost Master God.

Right then, the Frost Master God's entire focus was placed on Lin Fan. When she suddenly sense that tremendous power coming forth at her, she was shocked for a flash and spun around to receive it. But to her surprise, she realized that there was completely no way to block that Buddha Palm at all!


As it landed squarely onto her body, she was sent flying away immediately.

Lin Fan was equally flabbergasted by the scene before him.

Just what in the world was going on here?

All of a sudden, a boundless Buddha Voice boomed out of the void, "Frost Master God, what guts you have to try and kill someone that Your Lord here intends to kill personally?"

That voice?

Boundless Future Buddha Lord!

Lin Fan had not expected that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would actually appear at a moment as such. Deep in his heart, he knew that the latter would definitely come at the end of the day. However, Lin Fan had assumed that moment to be when both sides had sustained grave injuries in this fight, and not right now.

Being struck by this palm strike of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, the Frost Master God coughed out a big mouthful of fresh blood. With a single cracking sound, even the God Core within her body had broken apart!

Lin Fan caught the Frost Master God in his arms, feeling extremely astonished in his heart. He knew of the strength of the Frost Master God. For the Boundless Future Buddha Lord to be able to break her God Core with just a single strike, what sort of a level must that strength be at?

"You…!" The Frost Master God glared up in the void while huffing heavily. At this moment, she did not even mind being supported up by Lin Fan.

The entire void was radiating with a Buddha Light as an evil gleam flickered by the surroundings. This golden black light shone down onto the entire world as a series of Evil Buddha Voices drifted out, enveloping the entire world within completely.

This was a power that had far surpassed the Immortal King state! Could he have attained the Dao of the Heavenly Lord?

"Amitabha! Why aren't ants of your level kowtowing yet as the Boundless Future Buddha Lord descends with his divine body…?"

A majestic Buddha appeared between the world. However, that face of his was absolutely startling — it comprised of half a Buddha's face and half an Evil one.

At the same time, that initially golden Lotus Seat was now a blood colored Lotus Seat and made up of a cluster of skulls. Menacing and threatening, it exuded a blood curdling aura.