1156 Frightening Strength

The Strongest System

The fact that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had transformed into such a state had everyone completely stumped. Looking at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord up in the void, Old Master Pu Xin could feel his mental state rattling as well.

"You have already turned into a complete and utter Evil Buddha…!"

The mighty voice of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord drifted over, "What is a Good Buddha? What is an Evil Buddha? At the end of the day, they are all Buddhas. I am the Buddha Ancestor. When I'm angry, I'm evil…When I'm quiet, I'm good. Pu Xin, your Buddha Heart is unstable. You may wish to come under me to comprehend the wisdom of Buddhism."

The heart of the Old Master Pu Xin was quivering in fear. He could sense the vilest of all powers being emanated out of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord's body right now. As Buddhas, their natures should have been toward the good of things as they comprehend all the sufferings of the world. However, the body of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was filled with nothing but a malevolent Buddha Power at this moment.

If he were to go under him, Old Master Pu Xin might most likely turn into an Evil Buddha in a split second, and from there on, descend down into the depths of the abyssal Hells with the instability of his Buddha Heart.

"Oh, Benefactor that has veered onto the wrong path! You were once filled with rudeness in your words toward Your Buddha Ancestor. However, Your Buddha Ancestor is someone with a magnanimous heart, and is willing to forgive you for everything. Now that things have come to this, why aren't you coming over to bow down before the Buddha Palm of Your Buddha Ancestor and receive your ablution?" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord said in a majestic voice.

Lin Fan's Adam's apple bobbed up and down gently as his eyes flashed with a brief look of astonishment. He then looked at the Frost Master God. "Are you alright?"

When the Frost Master God heard that voice, she was stunned momentarily. But, as her eyes landed onto Lin Fan, she suddenly realized that her God Core which was gradually breaking apart was being controlled in the palms of this Indigenous Being!

Lin Fan spoke to her softly, "I'll avenge you. You can go now."


The appearance of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord brought forth a tremendous amount of pressure for Lin Fan. He could feel that the gap between him and the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was just like a great gulf that he couldn't bridge at all in his current state.

Now that the Frost Master God had landed in his hands, the only thing he could do was hurry and kill her. His experience points were about to be full right now, and Lin Fan could only hope that this could become his last shot at life.

"You…!" The Frost Master God had not thought that things would actually come to this. In fact, she had not even thought that she would actually die such a tragic death as her eyes gradually lost every bit of light in them. However, she seemed as though there was a single memory being stirred in her last moments.

Those cherry lips of hers pursed slightly as Lin Fan listened carefully. However, he could not make out what she was saying except for two mere words.

"Heavenly Lord…"

'Ding… Congratulations on killing Frost Master God.'

'Ding… Experience Points + …'

Looking at the experience points gained, Lin Fan's eyes could not help but let out a glint of disappointment. That bit...He was just lacking in that bit…!


His gaze spun and locked onto the remaining thirteen Master Gods. If he were able to have all of them slain, his experience points should most probably be able to reach its endpoint!

But, with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord standing in front of him right now, how was he supposed to go take them down?

"Fight with my life!"

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord! To think that you would still dare to show your face! Could you not be afraid of my treasure any longer?" Lin Fan looked at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord and taunted him coldly.

Looking over at Lin Fan, the face of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was totally impassionate. In fact, he didn't even have the slightest bit of worry.

"You wanting to revolt against Your Buddha Ancestor is akin to an ant wanting to topple a tree…Someone that overestimates their strength!"

Lin Fan heaved in a deep breath of air as he could not help but feel worried in his heart. The feeling that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was giving off right now was way too profound and supernatural. Could this be what the Dao of the Heavenly Lord was like?

However, Lin Fan could not wait any longer at this point. Moving nimbly, a white colored object appeared in his hand.



The soap bolted out toward the Boundless Future Buddha Lord in a flash. But for some reason, Lin Fan could not shrug off the feeling that the soap would actually lose its effects.

But at that moment, Lin Fan was just bolting out for the remaining thirteen Master Gods. Without showing any bit of mercy, he unleashed every single ounce of his powers as he beat them down.

When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord appeared, those thirteen Master Gods were already long dumbfounded over the situation. When they caught sight of the Frost Master God falling, they were in an even greater daze at that point.

"Die…!" Lin Fan roared out. With a single palm strike, he enveloped all the remaining Master Gods together. After he killed the Frost Master God, his powers had taken an extreme leap. With that, killing these Master Gods now was a really easy task for him.

When the Master Gods caught a whiff of this tremendous power, their faces let out expressions of shock as they tried their hardest to put up a fight. But, in the face of absolute might, they seemed like nothing more than ants.

'Ding… Congratulations on killing Chaotic Master God.'

'Ding… Congratulations on killing Speed Master God.'

The notifications of the System rang out endlessly.

Looking at the gush of the experience points, Lin Fan was filled with anticipation in his heart.

It MUST fill up!

Following the notifications of the System, Lin Fan's experience bar was pushing up rapidly. Looking at the experience points approaching their final tick, Lin Fan's heart was just pounding with excitement right now.


'Experience Points are full.'

Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. 'It's finally full!' However, he found himself freezing up before long — there was no sign of any continuation from the System!

With the experience points filling up, shouldn't his strength rise along with it? How could this be as such now?

Lin Fan could feel his heart despairing somewhat right now. He then cast his sight up into the void, hoping that the soap could work.

But when his gaze landed there, he was stunned completely once again — the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had grabbed the soap in his hand.

Lin Fan could see that there were an endless number of threads that were connecting the body of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord with the soap. However, there seemed to be some mysterious power that was blocking those threads as well!


Squeezing his palm, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord crushed the soap entirely as it turned into dust before scattering out into the rest of the world.

"Indeed, this is a really mystifying object. However, everything shall vanish like smoke in the face of Your Buddha Ancestor." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord looked at Lin Fan; in those deep, abyssal Buddha Eyes of his was a glint of cruel mockery.

"You…!" Right now, Lin Fan was truly feeling a bottomless void in his heart.


He was truly f*cked this time around!

The soap was a Legendary Item created by the System! How could it be useless?

At this moment, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was just like a God that wielded absolute control over the Infinite Worlds. The gaze he was using to look at Lin Fan with was just akin to looking at an ant as his lips curled up with a toying look. "Kneel down!"

"GET LOST…!" Lin Fan bellowed out.

Geng Yangtian looked over at Lin Fan. "You leave. We'll hold him off for you. As long as you're alive, there will always be hope."

Lin Fan shook his head. "There's no way of leaving at all."

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord gave off a cold chuckle, "That's right! There's no way you guys can leave. All of you vile demons of the wrong path had been rather rude to Your Buddha Ancestor. Since that's the case, I shall send you guys down to the Avici Hells then."

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord flipped his palm, and an Avici Hell instantly appeared within that Buddha Palm of his, looking malevolent and dark just like a sinister abyss.

"Come on then…" Opening his mouth gently, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord sent forth a formidable invisible force. With that, one of the Old Masters started convulsing as his body flew out toward the former, no longer of his control anymore.


In the next instant, that Old Master flew right into the Avici Hell in the hands of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Within it, his body was coiled up by all sorts of steel chains as he underwent an endless amount of ordeals.


Before the masses could even register that fact in their mind, that Old Master exploded out into nothingness.

"Purge your sins and enter the Buddha World." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord continued speaking softly.

Lin Fan took everything before him into his mind. He had not expected that the strength of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would actually turn this formidable as he gripped both his fists tightly. "Boundless Future Buddha Lord, go to hell!"

Looking over at Lin Fan, the face of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord shone with disdain. Extending out a single golden finger, he penetrated through the void, causing the entire world to seem as though it was nothing but that single finger at this moment.

Lin Fan started cussing out at this guy's mother in his heart. Why did he always have to meet such twisted f*cks?

Channeling the strongest powers from the depths of his heart, he gathered and hurled them out in the form of a punch.


A vast power poured out of him as the Qi within Lin Fan rumbled out furiously. In the next moment, his body was being pushed back by the ferocious aftershock. By the time he came to a stop, he found that his arm was just disintegrating rapidly before eventually turning into nothingness.

Damn it!

So darned strong!

In the blink of an eye, he regrew his arm. While it wasn't much damage right there, how should he go about things at this point?

This Boundless Future Buddha Lord was truly too darned strong!

'However, Yours Truly will never ever admit defeat!'