1157 Fight With His Life

The Strongest System

Lin Fan truly had enough of everything. Each time he reached the end, there would always be a twisted f*ck of an existence that would come and take him down.

From the very beginning, the Frost Master God was sick enough. And well, well, well! One could just look at what the world brought out! The Boundless Future Buddha Lord! Not only that, he was even more powerful than before! Each one of them was just one sicker than the other!

There was just no way to fight anymore!

In the face of this boundless Buddha Power, Lin Fan truly did not know what he could do anymore, or how he should fight on. Hell, how should he even START an attack?

Even though the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was merely just surveying everything, the rage in his heart had not dispersed in the slightest bit. From the very moment he caught sight of Lin Fan when he appeared, he was already filled with hatred in his heart. This was a fella had already brought for him an endless amount of ridicule from the first time they had ever met.

This was especially the case for the sufferings that he had to endure in the Buddha Pool; he wanted Lin Fan to repay it a thousand times…no, ten thousand times over!

While that Buddha Pool was filled with an endless amount of power, it was filled with an equally endless cesspool of torments; it was the place where the wills of the Evil Buddhas lay. Every single one of the mental consciousnesses that remained was struck at his spirits. If not for the fact that his mind was resolute enough, he might have long sunken down with them.

But now that everything had passed, he possessed an absolute power, a horrifyingly unbridled power. All of these fellas before him were nothing but ants, ants that he could smash down with a single wave of his palm!

"How about now? Do you still wish to resist?" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord asked with contempt.

Lin Fan swung his arms while his mind started to race furiously. Just what in the world should he do right now? Between them, the difference was as great as the Heaven and Earth. In terms of power, there was definitely no way he could fight this guy at all.

His entire path till this point had been through the assistance of the System. But now, things had suddenly come to a point where he found his experience points filled completely yet he was unable to level up. If he were to become a Heavenly Lord right now, what else did he have to be afraid of?

Furthermore, all of his various tricks might most likely not work against the Boundless Future Buddha Lord in his current state. If the latter were someone just like any of those other fools with a low intellect, there might probably be a chance of getting him slain. But, given the way things were right now, that chance was practically as good as gone.

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord, just what in the world do you want?" Lin Fan asked while slowly gathering his powers bit by bit.

"HAHAHA…!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord suddenly roared out in laughter. That dignified Buddha Body of his was extremely solemn, yet that laughter of his was just infinitely chilling for everyone who heard it. When the laughter came to a stop, that face of his changed starkly as well. "I want you dead! But before that, I want you to witness everyone around you dying one after another."

"Get over here…!"

All of a sudden, the entire world surged with a power that was impossible to block, leaving Geng Yangtian and the others just astounded by it. They could feel themselves being tugged with an invisible force that rendered them totally helpless, leaving them without a single bit of chance of fighting back at all.

One after another, these figures flew out toward the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

When Lin Fan caught sight of that, he clenched his teeth furiously as he swept his robes, causing the Heaven and Earth Smelt to burst forth into the world right away, encapsulating Geng Yangtian and the others in it. He then roared out, "Don't you get too cocky now!"


In a flash, Lin Fan struck out at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord merely shrugged his head. "The oceans of sufferings are boundless…Repent and you shall receive salvation. What sort of capabilities do you think that you possess that enables you to pit yourself against Your Buddha Ancestor here?"

"Nefarious Sin of Suppression!"

The void was immediately torn apart by a berserk power, and the only thing that could be seen was a Buddha Palm that crushed down along with a formidable might.

"In the eyes of Your Buddha Ancestor, you are nothing but an ant! However, Your Buddha Ancestor will let you experience the meaning of true power."


With those words, a single heaven encompassing palm flew over. In the face of this incoming Buddha Palm, Lin Fan could not help but feel pressured in his heart.

Within the Heaven and Earth Smelt…

Looking at everything before them, Geng Yangtian and the others felt flustered in their hearts as well. They could tell that Lin Fan was not a match for the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

"What should we do now? He is not a match for that Evil Buddha at all!"

"There's no other way out. The Boundless Future Buddha Lord has already turned into a Heavenly Lord. While it is only a difference of a single cultivation state between Immortal Kings and Heavenly Lords, the difference between the two is undeniably tantamount to the Heavens."

"Damn it! Why would he be the one to break through to the Heavenly Lord state…!"

A single tremendous palm struck the ground.

Even with his fullest powers gathered in retaliation, Lin Fan could not defend against it at all. This was no longer a fight of the same level.

The entire world quaked while the ground cracked asunder. Under the might of that formidable palm strike, the entire ground collapsed and caved in, forming a gigantic pit.

The authority of that palm was not to be looked down upon.


The Boundless Future Buddha Lord merely viewed everything in nonchalance. To him, that lad was no longer capable enough of standing at par with him. He wanted to toy to his heart's content right now so that he could teach that lad the true meaning of despair.

Within the deep pit…

Lin Fan laid sprawling with blood all over his body. It was now that he understood just how enormous of a strength that was.

With that single palm strike, his entire body was seemingly wrapped up in an incomprehensible power, such that he didn't even have the will to fight back any longer. If not for the fact that his Physical Body State was tremendously strong, he might have just dissipated like smoke with just that palm strike alone.

"Damn it…!"

Lin Fan gripped his fingers tightly as the Mythical Parasol Tree throbbed with lifeforce. However, he had already expended most of the lifeforce with the previous fight. As such, the amount that was produced right now could barely produce any effects at all.


At that moment, a series of tears started appearing on the surface of the Mythical Parasol Tree. After that, blood started spilling out before his entire body suddenly burst forth with a tremendous amount of power that seemed to be everlasting and all-encompassing.

"Master, fight on! I'm going to sleep now."

When Lin Fan heard that voice, he was stumped, unable to react to it at all.

The Mythical Parasol Tree…Why would it have a voice?

Sensing the condition within his body right now, Lin Fan caught sight of an elf the size of a palm hidden beneath a leaf at the topmost portion of the Mythical Parasol Tree. However, it was shrinking at this moment before eventually dissipating out.

Eventually, the Mythical Parasol Tree disappeared, turning into nothing but a seed. Just like when he had first obtained the Mythical Parasol Tree, it had returned to its foremost state.

As for the blood that was spilling out from within the Mythical Parasol Tree, it formed a sphere with a boundless lifeforce was spreading out from within it. This was the Source of Life from the Mythical Parasol Tree that was being dedicated out at this moment.

"Yours Truly has worked tirelessly to groom my Mythical Parasol Tree into one that's strong and healthy. To think that it would be destroyed back to its core just like that. F*CK! BOUNDLESS FUTURE BUDDHA LORD! YOURS TRULY SWEARS THAT I WILL NOT BE A HUMAN UNTIL I KILL YOU!"

As Lin Fan's body was healing up, so were his wounds.



Cracks rippled through the surface of the Earth just like the back of a turtle's shell as Lin Fan's entire body spun itself upward, bursting forth with countless Immortal Arts mystic skills. The entire world was suddenly filled with a glowing brilliance as it delved into the midst of those Immortal Arts mystic skills.

The gaze of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord narrowed for a moment — to think that this lad would have managed to recover from the strike.

He pointed out gently with a single finger to pierce through the Heaven and Earth. However, for Lin Fan, that single finger alone was more than enough to push him to his edge.

How in the world could the difference between their strengths be this great?

Goddamn it!

"Heaven and Earth Sutra!"

Instantly, the Heaven and Earth Sutra danced in the sky as a series of golden text characters floated out gently in the void.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord shook his head in disapproval. "Heaven and Earth Sutra...That is far, far from being enough…"

Raising his head, Lin Fan heaved in a huge breath of air. "Don't you get too smug now. Yours Truly is definitely going to come at you with my life today."

"Blood Burn!"

Swinging his arm, Essence Blood from within Lin Fan's body sprayed out. Ever since the Firmament Blood had been infused into his body, Lin Fan had never ever tried burning it before. The damage done to his body from this would be way too great, as it was an act of expending his very own life.

When the Heaven and Earth Sutra text characters came into contact with his blood, they started going into a frenzy. Every single text character shone off with a bedazzling light before everything combined together.