1702 Karma Severance

True Martial World

All the Godly Monarchs present witnessed the scene of the Ancestor God turning into the natural landscape. They were still immersed in shock for they found all that had happened unbelievable.

Be it Yi Yun's terrifying strike, or the shock of the souls of millions of worlds being summoned, it easily left them absorbed in recollecting the process, almost impossible to extricate themselves from it.

What felt even more surreal was that the seemingly invincible Ancestor God had been killed by Yi Yun.

His might and his terror had oppressed the Godly Monarchs, leaving them unable to breathe.

No one dared to resist because the Ancestor God was too strong, so strong that it left them in despair.

But it was this unbelievably powerful Ancestor God that Yi Yun had slain. Yi Yun's strength had undoubtedly reached a realm incomprehensible to them.

"Yi… Perfected Yi…"

After a long silence, Polar was the first to speak. His voice quivered slightly due to his excitement that stemmed from his utmost reverence for Yi Yun's might.

He didn't even know how he should address Yi Yun. Even addressing him as "young master" sounded too imprudent and impolite. The present Yi Yun was standing on a different level from them.

However, Yi Yun did not reply, nor did he look at the landscape formed by the Ancestor God. Instead, he looked up slightly at the sky. Yi Yun's strike had been directed there…

The world had already been sliced apart from the strike, and through the rift, one could see stars…

And this scene did not last for long. The spatial rift gradually restored as the starry sky beyond it turned into a blur. It was like the flickering of fire in a misty rain, beautiful but vague…

The numerous Godly Monarchs were also astounded upon seeing this scene. The spatial rift was about two hundred feet in length. Compared to Yi Yun's astounding strike, such a spatial rift was just too small.

According to their understanding, Yi Yun's strike was more than enough to split apart a universe. No spatial barrier could withstand Yi Yun's strike.

But this tiny rift was only two hundred feet by three feet. In addition, it was closing at a discernible pace. It soon did not allow a person to pass through.

There was such a firm barrier in this world?

And strangely, beyond the Chaos Heavens, it should have been a void with no Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, a Multiverse rift that spanned billions of light years. This was the Universe's void that had nothing in it, just dead silence. But what they saw clearly were stars in that space beyond the rift. What exactly was that?

"Perfected Yi, the space that the spatial rift leads to is…" Polar could not help but ask.

"A new world…" Yi Yun exhaled lightly.

"What?" Polar was taken aback, seemingly unable to understand what Yi Yun meant. Or it could be said that he realized what it was but was unable to immediately believe it.

"It's another Multiverse… Or should I say, a Parallel Universe. The Multiverse isn't just limited to the one we are in. The Chaos Heavens is only one of the supreme universes in the Multiverse we live in. Beyond that, there are many lands more prosperous and magnificent than the Chaos Heavens.

"It's unknown how many Multiverses there are. And each one of them has their own order of excitement…"

Yi Yun felt awashed with emotion. Billions of years ago, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch Lin Ming had likely tore apart the Multiverse membrane and headed to a brand new Multiverse together with Sheng Mei. There, they could travel all kinds of worlds and experience unfamiliar sights and live exciting lives.

Compared to the innumerable Parallel Universes, even a figure like the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch felt minute.

As for the Ancestor God, he was even more tenuous. So what if he had devoured the Chaos Heavens' Heavenly Dao? Compared to the immense world out there, it was nothing.

Yi Yun himself came from a blue planet and it likely belonged to another completely different Parallel Universe.

Due to the different laws, there was modern technology there, things that the universe he was in didn't have. There was the laws of physics there which did not apply here.

According to that world's physical point of view, the universe was expanding and humanity was forever trapped in the cage of the observable universe. Even at the speed of light, it was impossible for them to escape the constantly expanding universe. And the observable universe was only a tiny part of the universe which humanity belonged to.

Only further out might there be Parallel Universes. And just the observable universe was already staggeringly magnificent, much less the world beyond that…

No one knew how big this world actually was. Even the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch was unable to give an answer.

Realizing that the entrance to the Parallel Universe was about to seal completely, Polar felt gripped by anxiety. "Then, Perfected Yi, are you…"

Yi Yun shook his head. "Let it be. I still have things that I haven't completed in this Multiverse. There is karma I need to repay and debts I still owe. Besides… although I had opened up a Parallel Universe passageway with one strike, it was not by my own strength. Once I've fully stabilized my strength and am able to open such a passageway by myself, I shall leave…"

To pursue the Martial Dao peak, it was best not to be tainted with karma. Even if Yi Yun was about to leave this Multiverse, he needed to settle all his current matters.

As for traveling the Multiverse, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had his own obsession, and so did Yi Yun.

He wished to find the Multiverse where Earth was and visit it again.

Previously, he did not have the strength to do so; even now, in this innumerable Parallel Universes, finding Earth was a more arduous task than searching for a needle in a haystack. But even so, he still hoped to find it.

He would do so with Lin Xintong, and perhaps with his sister, Jiang Xiaorou…

But now, Yi Yun wished to return to the Sinkhole.

Even in the Sinkhole, Yi Yun had many matters he had not finished. It was simply because of the threat of the Ancestor God that he had no choice but to leave hurriedly.

Now, it was finally time to return.

Yi Yun turned his head to look at Polar and the other Godly Monarchs.

Many Godly Monarchs held their breaths and turned entirely reverent when locking eyes with Yi Yun.

It was especially so for the Godly Monarchs of the Ghosts, Fey, and Souls. They even felt fear.

After all, they had previously betrayed Yi Yun. Even though they were forced by their circumstances, it was still treachery. If Yi Yun pursued the matter, they would all be in trouble.

Furthermore, Yi Yun was human after all. The Chaos Heavens had the different races battling it out all these years. If Yi Yun put his foot down for humanity and forcibly suppressed the other races, they had no choice but to submit.

"Perfected Yi, we were at fault."

With the Fey patriarch's lead, the various Godly Monarchs asked for Yi Yun's forgiveness.

Yi Yun shook his head. "Life, from lifeforms as large as towering trees to bugs as small as ants, the reason for all they do is for the continuation of their bloodline. None of you did wrong, so I will not do anything to you. Although I am human and the wars in the Chaos Heavens have gone on for an extended period of time, I will not interfere in your wars. The wars between races is ultimately a portion of the Chaos Heavens' martial history. Its history should be written by you…"

Back when Yi Yun first arrived in the Chaos Heavens, he knew that the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had once been to the Chaos Heavens. Back then, he had some thoughts. Since the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had come and he was human, why didn't he help humanity billions of years ago?

With the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch's help, even the Celestials would have to bow.

However, the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch left without interfering with any racial wars in the Chaos Heavens. This led to people not knowing the true strength of the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch later on.

Now, with Yi Yun approaching the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch's past realm, he also came to better understand his thought processes.

Everything in the Chaos Heavens was fated and did not need his interference.

The only actions he would take would be to payback the debts he had and sever any karmic connections.

"Senior Blood King…"

As Yi Yun spoke, a man in a red robe appeared across the horizon. He was none other than Jiang Xiaorou's father, Blood King.

Blood King was the vanguard when it came to revolting against the Ancestor God. He was able to survive only because the Ancestor God was focused on devouring the Chaos Heavens' Heavenly Dao in seclusion.

A trivial figure like the Blood King was no different from an ant to the Ancestor God. The Ancestor God had never paid any attention to the Blood King; otherwise, he would have long been dead.

Blood King also witnessed some of the final scenes of Yi Yun's battle with the Ancestor God. The battle of epic proportions naturally astounded him for it completely exceeded his level of understanding.

Beside him was a red-dressed girl—Jiang Xiaorou.

Upon seeing Jiang Xiaorou, Yi Yun revealed a gentle smile. "Sis Xiaorou…"

Having first met in the Cloud Wilderness to his journey all the way to the Chaos Heavens, he went from torturous days without food to the point of wielding the powers of the universe, becoming a deity of the Multiverse. Jiang Xiaorou was in the true sense of the word, someone who had accompanied him from the beginning. Yi Yun felt greatly fettered and concerned for Jiang Xiaorou.


Having seen Yi Yun slay the Ancestor God, Jiang Xiaorou's eyes were already welling with tears. To her, the most important point of this outcome was that… Yi Yun had survived.

"Senior Blood King, I'll be touring the Multiverse in the future. I might bring Sis Xiaorou with me if she's agreeable. Of course, Sis Xiaorou will not leave forever. She would still return. As for the kindness you have shown me, this is something for you…"

As Yi Yun spoke, an energy blob condensed in his hand. It contained large amounts of laws of Origins, Origins energy, and nebulous Primordial Chaos.

He had also included some of his nomological insight into it.

This was an especially valuable Martial Dao heritage that adhered closely to the world's Origins.

Mastering it made one close to the world's Origins.

Apart from Yi Yun, no one in the Chaos Heavens could produce something like this.

All the Godly Monarchs were knowledgeable people. Upon seeing the blob of light, their hearts were burned with envy. Just this item alone was able to forge the Blood King into a Fey patriarch!

With just a raise of his hand, he was able to create a patriarch-level figure. Yi Yun's standing was completely indescribable. Indeed, with a thought, he could canonize someone as a god!

"This…" Blood King hurriedly shook his head. "This is too valuable. I can't have it. Besides, you have already repaid the kindness I showed you with the Myriad Form Shura Pills."

"A drop of water given in need shall be returned with a burst of spring. Senior Blood King, please do not refuse it. To tour the Multiverse, I'll need to sever karma. You have to take this blob of Origins energy."

As Yi Yun spoke, he looked at Polar Thearch.

"Senior Polar! I'm indebted to the Heavenly Courts. The wonderland left behind after the Ancestor God's death shall be the Heavenly Courts'! The core region spanning half a million kilometers shall all belong to the Heavenly Courts!"

The Ancestor God wonderland would no doubt be vied for by numerous major factions. It could be imagined that blood would flow like rivers in the battles between the factions for this land billions of years later.

But now, with just one word from Yi Yun, he had determined the split. No one dared to go against his word. Even if he had given it to a beggar, no one would dare oppose it. Instead, people would even offer the beggar help.

"Senior Divineheart, I was indebted to you back during the expedition into the Xuanyuan Dune. A hundred thousand kilometers south of the Heavenly Courts' territory will belong to the Taixia Ancient Mining. You will have full authority over the distribution."

Yi Yun looked at Godly Monarch Divineheart who was taken aback. He never expected to gain something out of this.

Yi Yun's indebtedness towards him wasn't huge. All he did was support Yi Yun a few times back when they were mining Chaos Ores in the Xuanyuan Dune, as well as protect Yi Yun, allowing him to enter the core regions.

He never imagined that this help would gain him a wonderland spanning a hundred thousand kilometers. This wonderland could be passed down for hundreds of millions of years, allowing him to build institutions that could remain for eternity!

His Taixia Ancient Mining was an unimpressive faction in the Chaos Heavens. There was no way he deserved any piece of the pie, but with just one word from Yi Yun, the Taixia Ancient Mining had received a portion of the split that was larger than Heaven Fey City's.

Although the other peak factions could accept this outcome, they felt bitter within. Indeed, Yi Yun had not punished them for their betrayal, but he had given large portions of the benefits to those he was indebted to. That was the greatest punishment.

Of course, they had no say in this matter. They had to thank their lucky stars that they were not punished, so there was no reason for them to hope that Yi Yun would reward them.

"Everyone, take care. I'll be leaving for a period of time. I'll be in seclusion to figure out the Martial Dao. Till we meet again."

As Yi Yun spoke, he casually tore open the void and reached his hand towards Jiang Xiaorou. "Sis Xiaorou, follow me. We have to return to the Tian Yuan World. I wonder if Soft Clouds Mountain Manor is still around…"

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, tears rolled down Jiang Xiaorou's cheeks.