1704 Ending 2 - Young Female Overlord

True Martial World

With more than a thousand spirit cruisers, each containing more than ten thousand geniuses, it implied a combined total of more than ten million geniuses!

For the linen-clothed youth to come this far as a commoner, he was already extremely impressive. In the world he came from, even peers his age who came from relatively larger sects were not his match.

But even so, when the youth saw the more than thousand spirit cruisers, he felt uneasy. It was already difficult enough to get a ticket for this cruiser.

In the various worlds, one had to undergo numerous selection tests before boarding the cruiser. Although the youth had passed those tests, it was not an easy ordeal.

Now, just the number of geniuses who had earned a ticket numbered above ten million, notwithstanding the spirit cruisers that had yet to arrive.

The competition was too intense.

The Sinkhole was huge, so with the Mirage Sea Realm allowing commoner warriors, the competition was imaginable.

"We are here to participate in the test, mainly to gain experience and build our foundations for the future. The Mirage Sea Realm's test has a total of five stages. It's good enough if we can pass the first three stages. As for what the fourth stage looks like, I've never seen it…"

Among the three, the white-dressed youth who was oldest spoke.

This was his third time taking the test. In the world where the linen-clothed youth came from, the white-dressed youth was truly the cream of the crop.

"Senior Brother, even you have not seen what the fourth stage is?"

The linen-clothed youth drew a deep breath. Indeed, it would be very difficult.

But no matter how hard it was, he had to forge forward. After all, the only place in the entire Sinkhole that allowed commoner warriors to interact with supreme martial arts was the Mirage Sea Realm.

He needed to enter the Mirage Sea Realm. He was still young and people in the Sinkhole had already claimed that martial arts in the Sinkhole was destined to come to an end; however, he was unwilling to take it lying down.

"Let's go!" the elder youth said.

The moment the hatch opened, the trio came to a gigantic square at the entrance of the Mirage Sea Realm.

Here, there were more than ten gigantic sculptures.

Each of sculptures was a thousand feet tall, each forged from ancient granite. They would remain immutable despite the elements.

"These are sculptures of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs. Behind them are the few reclusive Godly Monarchs of the Sinkhole, including Senior Yi…"

"Senior Yi…"

The linen-clothed youth drew a deep breath. To the younger generation of the Sinkhole, Yi Yun was definitely a legend. He was of common stock, but he managed to reach the pinnacle of the Martial Dao. Especially at the White Lunar Divine Empire's coronation, Yi Yun's name had been spread throughout the Sinkhole!

Back then, Yi Yun was deemed number one beneath all Godly Monarchs. Many people guessed that with the rate of his growth, he was probably stronger than the typical Godly Monarch now.

Of course, that was under the premise that Yi Yun was still alive…

There were rumors that Yi Yun had escaped to another universe because of the Ancestor God's pursuit. The Ancestor God's might left one trembling in fear right down to the soul's core. It was hard to imagine anyone escaping from the Ancestor God's clutches.

This left people regretful. If Yi Yun could have developed his strength in the Sinkhole; he could perhaps have brought a miracle to it.

"I wasn't even born when Senior Yi left the Sinkhole. By the time we were born, even the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao had been destroyed. Sigh…"

The older youth sighed. Yi Yun's legend involved him defeating many mighty figures in the Sinkhole with just one sword alone. Even the tens of millions of demonic servants, a demonic general, and a Sinkhole overlord who had pledged allegiance to the Ancestor God to earn a breakthrough were all defeated by Yi Yun.

Later, he even openly took away the newly-coronated White Lunar Goddess Empress at the White Lunar Divine Empire's coronation.

Back then, Lin Xintong was considered the most illustrious of all women. She was the dream girl of numerous men in the Sinkhole; yet, she was entirely devoted to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun's legend was one people tried to live up to, and his standing in the martial world was extremely high.

One had to know that the twelve sculptures on the square didn't even include the famous Sacred Horizon Divine Lord and Eclipse Arhat among their ranks. They were the people in charge of the few top factions in the Sinkhole, both possessing their own Lands of Hope.

But even so, they had been ranked beneath Yi Yun.

The twelve sculptures on the square attracted the admiration and adoration of the numerous geniuses.

Most people gathered in front of Yi Yun's sculpture. After all, compared to the rest, he was a lot more famous.

At that moment, a jade-white spirit cruiser tore through the void. As white swirls lingered around it, it floated high above the square.

The spirit cruiser's hatch opened the next moment as a white-dressed girl about seventeen years old stepped out. She was tall and elegant, her eyes as bright as the moon, with flawless, fair skin that looked extremely supple. However, this girl held a spear in hand, while her body emitted vibrant energy and nomological auras.

Upon seeing this lady, everyone was stunned. Who was she?

Be it her bearing, looks, or nomological aura, they were all flawless. She was definitely a favored daughter of the heavens; furthermore, the spirit cruiser she was on definitely wasn't built cheap. She was definitely from a wealthy background.

A lady from a huge faction was also participating in the Mirage Sea Realm's test?

The lady directly landed in front of Yi Yun's sculpture and looked up with spear in hand. It was unknown what was on her mind.

"I know who she is. She's the new heir to the White Lunar Divine Empire's Overlord, Divine General Tianxuan's grandaughter, Tianxuan Mengyao. The spear she wields is the Tianxuan family's ancestral weapon, the Purple Golden Dragon Patterned Spear!"

"She's the new heir of the White Lunar Divine Empire's Overlord?"

Everyone felt astounded hearing that. This girl actually had such a huge background?

In fact, back at Lin Xintong's coronation and after Yi Yun left the White Lunar Divine Empire, the White Lunar Divine Empire had began to decline.

That day, Divine General Tianxuan suffered a heavy blow! Lin Xintong had been taken away by Yi Yun and Bai Yueyin had been reduced to only a soul, and all of them had left with Yi Yun.

The massive White Lunar Divine Empire had its top experts disappear en masse. So regardless of how deep the White Lunar Divine Empire's heritage was, it couldn't withstand such a huge setback. It began waning in an irreversible manner.

However, Lin Xintong and Yi Yun were just too famous. Even though people knew that they might die under the Ancestor God's hands, no one touched the White Lunar Divine Empire. Therefore, although it was waning, it managed to hold on to its territory. It even managed to establish a Land of Hope that it solely owned.

However, among the sixteen Lands of Hope, the White Lunar Divine Empire's was relatively lower in quality.

The White Lunar Divine Empire no longer had an Empress, and the ruler's title was changed to Overlord.

The new candidate for Overlord was still female, and Tianxuan Mengyao was most outstanding among the White Lunar Divine Empire's younger generation; therefore, she was naturally designated successor.

"I never expected her to be Tianxuan Mengyao. But why would she come to the Mirage Sea Realm? Her White Lunar Divine Empire has a Land of Hope after all." People were perplexed. Tianxuan Mengyao had come with quite an entourage, with Divine Lord Elders in the lineup.

"Tianxuan Mengyao is extremely ambitious and has extraordinary talent. She likely wishes to prove herself. People rumor that Huan Chenxue and Nine Li Magus Maiden have some special connection to Yi Yun. This Mirage Sea Realm has also deep ties with Yi Yun. For Tianxuan Mengyao to come here, it likely has to do with that. After all, back at the Empress coronation, Yi Yun had delivered serious injuries to her grandfather in just one blow."

Speaking of Divine General Tianxuan, he was once the strongest expert in the White Lunar Goddess Empress apart from Empress Bai Yueyin. His strength was in no way inferior to powerhouses like Sacred Horizon Divine Lord or Eclipse Arhat.

Back when Yi Yun took Lin Xintong away, the White Lunar Divine Empire's officials came to stop him. The Imperial Preceptor was first, but was sent flying by Yi Yun. At that moment, Divine General Tianxuan had no choice but to take action. He even took out the the Purple Golden Dragon Patterned Spear, an ancient artifact which had been handed down in his family. Yet, he had his meridians severed by just one strike of Yi Yun's!

Later, due to his serious injuries, he suffered a sneak attack from the betrayer of humanity, Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord. Divine General Tianxuan's realm fell and failed to regain its former glory.

To the extremely ambitious Tianxuan Mengyao, Yi Yun was not an enemy, but a mountain that stood in her path.

It was impossible for her to beat Yi Yun. All she could do was come to the Mirage Sea Realm, a place deeply related to Yi Yun. She planned on using the most intense entrance test in the Sinkhole to prove herself and affirm her Dao.