1705 Ending 3 - Guardian

True Martial World

Tianxuan Mengyao's appearance in front of Yi Yun's statue attracted the attention of many.

Everyone saw how eminent Tianxuan Mengyao appeared to be, and some even praised her for having some of impressive characteristics which Lin Xintong had years ago.

However, in the eyes of many experts, Tianxuan Mengyao left many sighing.

They knew that Tianxuan Mengyao was far from the illustrious and dazzling existence that others thought her to be.

"It's a scar left behind by the Great Dao… This young lady is ambitious, but unfortunately, the Great Dao is heartless. The Empress's cultivation technique has such a high requirement that it's unlikely she can succeed."

They could tell that a scar had been left in Tianxuan Mengyao's dantian.

Back when Bai Yueyin left the White Lunar Divine Empire, she had left behind small amounts of heritage. The heritage was incomplete, but their origins were nothing simple. They came from Empress Sheng Mei.

Although they were not the core cultivation techniques of Sheng Mei, it was still extremely difficult cultivating it. If they were still in ancient times when the Sinkhole Heavenly Dao was still intact, it was possible for some talented people to find a way out. But in present times, cultivating ancient cultivation techniques with the shattered Heavenly Dao laws was treacherous.

At the end of the day, in the sunset of martial arts, so-called geniuses were out of paths.

To attain success was just too difficult.

At that moment, above the Mirage Sea Realm's square, Heaven Earth Yuan Qi stirred as a screen of light appeared out of thin air as the void kept trembling.

Following that, the screen of light slowly revealed a huge door—the entrance to the Mirage Sea Realm.

This screen of light was the main body of the Mirage Sea Realm's array.

After the door opened, people saw a passageway that led into the depths of the Mirage Sea Realm. It was paved with nomological fragments, and standing at the entrance was an elder.

The thin, white-haired elder was dressed in rags, but his face hung a cynical smile.

He was the guardian of the array. If Yi Yun was present, he would have recognized him to be Old Snake.

In the sixteen Lands of Hope, each array required a few guardians to maintain their stability.

These guardians needed to refine the ancient laws to maintain the stability of the array formation's nomological forces in this era with the Heavenly Dao missing.

As an ancient Godly Monarch, Old Snake was naturally more than suitable for doing this. It was also for this reason that the Mirage Sea Realm's Land of Hope was of excellent quality among the sixteen Lands of Hope.

In the ancient battle, Old Snake was not only heavily injured, he had even lost a large portion of his memories. Even now, his recovery was still left wanting.

Upon seeing these youngsters, Old Snake chuckled. He waved his hand and opened the last barrier.

The young geniuses walked through the passageway and, when the linen-clothed youth passed through the passageway, he took a glance at the elder, having an indescribable feeling when he did so.

He could sense that the nomological forces in the elder's body was slowly moving against the array's flow.

Although these arrays were powered by Godly Monarch Immortal Annuli, that was only on an energetic level of things. For nomological forces, it required a guardian to maintain it.

It was said that Lands of Hope could be maintained for millions of years, which also meant that these guardians had to stay there guarding the array for millions of years. The long periods of guardianship would lead to the slow drainage of a person's nomological powers as it decreased…

Therefore, Lands of Hope were not eternal. They were bound to wither away in the future.

The older generation of experts exchanged their vitality for cultivation time for the younger generation.

They stayed guard here, losing their freedom and experienced loneliness.

But even so, all they could do was exchange it for a few million years. How far could this allow the younger generation to cultivate to?

Among these people, who was able to change the fate of the Sinkhole? No one could give an answer. Although Lands of Hope were given such names, everyone knew that there was extremely little hope.

Warriors practiced martial arts to defy the heavens and change their destinies. Faced with the waning Heavenly Dao, people often resisted. As such, even if they failed, they would not leave with any regret at the end of their lives.

After passing through the passageway, the linen-clothed youth turned to look at the elder's back.

He did not know the elder, nor was he familiar with him. He didn't even know his name.

Yes, it wasn't only restricted to this linen-clothed youth. All the other young geniuses who passed through the passageway, including the disciples who had already entered the Mirage Sea Realm, did not know that this elder who appeared to have experienced the hardships of life was one of the eight statues that was erected on the square outside.

This was Old Snake's own intention.

In his words, he had already forgotten that battle of the past.

The Dragon King of the eight Godly Monarchs was akin to a previous incarnation.

And if that were the case, there was no need to let the world know about it.

He wanted to leave the world with a powerful and perfect image of the Dragon King for all eternity, and not the image of a hero who was past his prime.

Therefore, whenever the Mirage Sea Realm disciples passed through the passageway, they would forever see the grinning Old Snake.

After passing the passageway, people saw a gigantic palace. On a tall platform of the palace, people saw a group of people in armor. They had ferocious looks and were about three meters tall. Wound around their bodies were black chains and their bodies were covered in flaming scaled armor.

These people were not Mirage Sea Realm disciples, but demonic servants of the Ancestor God!

They were the strongest existences among the demonic servants and the demonic servant leading them was the Demonic Marshall who had originally assessed the Sinkhole.

Back when the Ancestor God could finally devour the Heavenly Dao, he had made demonic servants scour the world for spiritual items so that he could set up the final array. Even Bai Yueyin's intrinsic artifact—the White Jade Phoenix Palace—had been eyed by the demonic servants.

Bai Yueyin was heavily injured and the White Jade Phoenix Palace fell, causing the demonic servants to head for the White Lunar Divine Empire to snatch it.

That was during Lin Xintong's ascension. This resulted in Yi Yun's battle with the Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord and Demonic General Perfected Hou. In the end, both of them were killed by Yi Yun.

However, this did not stop anything. The Ancestor God still managed to succeed in devouring the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao.

Later, the Ancestor God left the Sinkhole and returned to the Chaos Heavens. He did not take a small number of demonic generals with him and these demonic generals stayed behind in the Sinkhole to become its rulers.

The Demonic Marshall was strong to begin with. Furthermore, he possessed a token that augmented his strength with the Ancestor God's powers. In the Sinkhole, no one could resist or even dare resist him.

This was because people in the Sinkhole only managed to survive because the Ancestor God did not destroy the Sinkhole. To put it plainly, after the Ancestor God devoured the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao, this universe was nothing but trash in his eyes. He couldn't even be bothered to destroy it.

However, if the Ancestor God was enraged, all he needed was one thought to wipe out the countless lives in the Sinkhole.

After the Ancestor God left, the Demonic Marshall stayed behind since there were still resources to be mined. Although the Ancestor God thought nothing of it, the Demonic Marshall didn't spurn it. He could exploit it thoroughly.

And the spot he chose to station himself was the Mirage Sea Realm's Land of Hope.

In the Sinkhole, the Mirage Sea Realm's Land of Hope was the richest in Spirit Qi, allowing the easiest cultivation.

Human seniors had dedicated their lives to maintain the array, but these demonic servants had become the final beneficiaries of this. They even seized the best cultivation resources in the Land of Hope.

And worst of all, the warriors in the Land of Hope had no choice but to put up with it.