1706 Ending 4 - Return

True Martial World

"He is the Demonic Marshall!?"

When the human disciples saw this hideous three-meter-tall devil, they all held their breaths.

They hated the Demonic Marshall and the Ancestor God to the bone!

The Sinkhole had waned because of them. Not only so, the number of lives that had been plunged into misery over all these years was uncountable. There were even relatives and elders of these very youths had died during that purge.

The line-clothed youth clenched his fist as his eyes flashed with deep hints of hatred and indignation. However, he knew that none of that mattered at his stage. The Demonic Marshall was just too powerful.

Ignoring the Demonic Marshall, his subordinates back then included Demonic General Perfected Hou, who was sufficient to reign supreme over all Sinkhole experts beneath the Godly Monarch realm.

Back when Demonic General Perfected Hou and Heavenly Cosmic Divine Lord joined forces at the White Lunar Goddess Empress's coronation ceremony, they could have been considered invincible. If not for Yi Yun's appearance and killing of the duo, the Sinkhole experts who had attended the coronation would probably have been dead by now.

If Demonic General Perfected Hou was already this strong, there was no need to mention the Demonic Marshall's strength. There was no doubt that he had reached the Godly Monarch realm. And even among Godly Monarchs, the Demonic Marshall was relatively powerful.

In contrast with the few Godly Monarchs of the Sinkhole, their realm was not fully realized due to the incomplete Heavenly Dao. Use of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi would drain their lifespans.

They were no match for the Demonic Marshall even if they joined forces to fight him!

If the Sinkhole Godly Monarchs were only capable of such, the other warriors who were not even at the Godly Monarch realm would truly be akin to ants in front of the Demonic Marshall.

At that moment, the Demonic Marshall's appearance allowed for his soaring demonic flames to emanate, leaving one stifled. Many geniuses whose cultivation levels were lacking even found standing difficult.

They wished to stand strong, but against the absolute might, they were unable to put up any resistance. After lasting a few seconds, a few even knelt to the ground, trembling as their faces turned pale.

A humiliation!

These geniuses had all practiced martial arts from a very young age, and were absolute geniuses among their peers, but today, in front of their enemy, all they could only muster was a few seconds before kneeling to the suppression. After practicing martial arts for so long, to kneel at the enemy's feet was an incredible humiliation!

The linen-clothed youth's cultivation level wasn't very high. He was young after all. At that moment, he felt as though a mountain was pressing down on him. His body was ice-cold as his heart nearly stalled from beating. However, he did not know where he found the force in him to endure the suppression and remain standing.

Large beads of sweat covered his forehead and he could no longer see a thing. Nor could his ears hear a thing. Everything around him appeared to be isolated from him. But with a belief of unknown origins, he stood with his teeth clenched.

Although he knew that forcefully standing firm was meaningless for it did not bring any harm to the Demonic Marshal, since all he was did was fend off a tiny fraction of the suppression the Demonic Marshall had released, he did not wish to retreat again. Humanity had made too many retreats.


At that moment, a clear berating voice sounded. It appeared negligible amid the Demonic Marshall's chaotic aura.

However, this voice made the Demonic Marshall pause slightly as he turned his head.

An otherworldly fairy appeared on the square. She had excellent beauty and sublime bearing. It made one feel a sense of closeness at a glance. More shocking of all was the lack of energy fluctuations form her body. She was only mortal.

Huan Chenxue!

It was truly unbelievable that a mere mortal could remain unaffected by the Demonic Marshall's suppression.

"As expected of an reincarnated ancient Godly Monarch. You are still so outstanding even after losing your powers."

The Demonic Marshall's suppression came from the difference in life's natural order. And although Huan Chenxue had lost her strength, her level on life's natural order retained its former glory. Otherwise, she would have long died from living for such a long period of time.

After all, she was an ancient Godly Monarch. And back then, the eight Godly Monarchs were disciples of Human Emperor. Their strength far exceeded the Godly Monarchs of that era and far exceeded that of the Demonic Marshall.

It was naturally impossible for the Demonic Marshall to suppress Huan Chenxue simply by using life's natural order.

"Shilong, you devoured copious amounts of nomological powers in the Land of Hope back then. Today is the day my Mirage Sea Realm will be selecting disciples. What are you up to!?"

"Hahahaha! I'm just helping you eliminate the trash that don't meet a basic standard. You should thank me." Demonic Marshall broke into a rapturous laughter. As he guffawed maniacally, some of the young disciple-candidates who could not withstand his suppression began spewing out mouthfuls of blood as their meridians shattered.

"Weak! Too weak!" Demonic Marshall shook his head. "My Heaven Devouring Fiend Art has reached a bottleneck. I wished to devour some of the Myriad Origins Dao from human geniuses, but against trash like yourselves, I don't even have the mood to do so."

As Demonic Marshall said that, his gaze swept through the human disciples. His gaze was like that of a beast that was about to devour them. It left many shuddering in fear.

Huan Chenxue's expression changed. "Shilong, you wish to devour my Mirage Sea Realm disciples!?"

"So what if I do? It's just a bunch of ant-like lives," Demonic Marshall said condescendingly.

Huan Chenxue's brows pricked up. Her face turned cold as she yearned to dice up Demonic Marshall. All these years, due to the Demonic Marshall's existence, large amounts of Heaven Earth powers of the Mirage Sea Realm had been devoured by him. Old Snake had his lifespan lowered drastically because of this.

Yet, he went from bad to worse, and was even planning on devouring the Mirage Sea Realm disciples today so as to cultivate their laws.

"Huan Chenxue, is that killing intent from you? Hahaha!" It was as though Demonic Marshall had heard the most laughable joke in the world. "Huan Chenxue, have you forgotten an important thing? All of you can drag out your abject existences only thanks to my kindness. So what if I were to devour a few thousand of your disciples? You can try resisting me."

Demonic Marshall spoke with contempt. He took a look at the candidates once again when suddenly, a youth caught his attention.

"Oh? A Connate Fire Spirit Dao Embryo? It's no wonder he can withstand my suppression for so long despite having that low cultivation level. To find a treasure amid a bunch of trash is indeed rare…"

The person who Demonic Marshall had targeted was none other than the linen-clothed youth. He licked his lips as he felt his interest greatly piqued.

Eating such a Connate Dao Embryo was extremely beneficial for him.

However, at that moment, the linen-clothed youth was already in a dazed state due to the suppression. All he felt was a sudden reduction of the suppression on him. His body failed to react to the sudden change as boiling blood in him surged and broke his meridians.

His body jolted and before he even realized it, he was already flying into the sky. A massive force was pulling him towards Demonic Marshall.

"Hehehe! You have truly been buried under a pile of trash. You are indeed a Connate Fire Spirit Dao Embryo. If you were to cultivate a few more years, you would be delicious. Unfortunately, I can't wait any longer. I'll just eat you now!"

Demonic Marshall grinned as he exposed his two rows of sharp and densely packed teeth.

"Come, Child. Be part of me. As repayment, I shall remember your name. What is it?"

Demonic Marshall glared at the youth. Although he had retracted the suppression, the suppression from the difference in life's natural order was even more evident due to the close distance.

This was just like a weak animal facing a primordial beast. Even though there was no killing intent, it still brought about immense fear and pressure.

All the young disciples present found it unimaginable. Demonic Marshall was already this powerful, so how much stronger was the Ancestor God who had devoured the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao?

At that moment, the youth already understood his fate.

He was not afraid of death, but he never imagined that his death would be so meaningless, with him ending up devoured by the devil.

He had practiced martial arts from a very young age and had gone to the borders of life and death repeatedly. He had risked his life only to come this far. And now, with the martial path ahead of him sealed, he could only come to the Mirage Sea Realm to seek a sliver of chance.

He had a laughable dream. He wished to forge a path unique to himself that led to the peak in this waning Sinkhole. He even hoped to mend the Sinkhole's missing Heavenly Dao in the distant future.

He had never mentioned this dream to anyone because it was impractical.

Now, from the looks of it, it was all fool's talk indeed. Just after coming to the Mirage Sea Realm, he had become nothing but feed for the devil before even participating in the test!

Was there anything more tragic than this?

Being toyed with by fate, a weakling's resistance was all so powerless.

"What's your name?"

At that moment, this voice sounded again by the linen-clothed youth's ear.

He wanted to laugh, but before he could speak, he suddenly paused in shock.

This voice… isn't from the Demonic Marshall?

"What's your name?"

The voice sounded in his ears once again. It was unlike the Demonic Marshall's voice which was evil and sinister. Instead, it had an indescribable sense of amiability.

And at that moment, Demonic Marshall, who had failed to receive a response from the youth, had clearly lost his patience. He opened his gaping mouth and planned on swallowing him whole right on the spot.

"My… My name is Luo Yan."

"Luo Yan? Indeed…"

The voice seemed like it was reflecting on something, but before the youth could understand what those words implied, the two rows of Demonic Marshall's teeth was already at his head.

But at that moment… time suddenly came to a pause.

The sudden stillness of time made it seem as though the Demonic Marshall had been petrified. He was completely motionless.

And at the next moment, a black-robed man walked out of the void. It was as simple as taking a step through a door, but no one knew that this step involved the traversing of billions of light years across the Multiverse rift.

"Luo Yan… are you from the Luo clan? Did anything happen to the Luo clan?"

After the black-robed man appeared, he took a glance at the youth. Although his voice was calm, there was a hint of worry.

As for the ferocious and seemingly invincible Demonic Marshall, he was completely ignored by the black-robed man.

At that moment in time, everyone was taken aback!

Such a sudden change of events left them unable to react.

As for Demonic Marshall, his expression changed drastically. He looked at the black-robed man as though he was seeing the devil.

Although the space-time he was placed in made time move extremely slow, his thought processes were still capable of just barely moving.

This man, he… he looks like… Yi Yun!?

As one of Ancestor God's lackeys, Demonic Marshall naturally knew Yi Yun. He found it unbelievable that Yi Yun would suddenly possess such potent strength.

With just one thought!

In just one thought, he was completely bounded. He could not move an inch and he felt as though his soul had been sealed.

Against this massive power, he felt like an ant that was grabbed by a colossal dragon's claw.

And at that moment, Yi Yun turned his head to look at Demonic Marshall.

All he did was tap gently as a nomological sword not more than a foot long appeared out of thin air. The blade was pointed at his glabella as it slowly drifted over.

This tiny, fluttering sword overwhelmed Demonic Marshall with terror!

However, his body had been sealed. Even though he struggled to resist, it was of no use. His soul roared in indignation, but not a sound came out from him.

"M… Master…"

Demonic Marshall's lips twitched slightly as his mouth took on the shape needed to say that word.

Yi Yun shook his head. "Your master is waiting for you in the netherworld. If you wish to find him, let me send you there."


Demonic Marshall's eyes were filled with alarm and incredulity. And the next moment, the nomological sword had already stabbed into his glabella.

At that instant, Demonic Marshall felt an indescribable pain. He did not immediately die, and instead, he felt as though he had fallen to the eighteenth level of hell and suffered all sorts of torment.

"The Sword of Samsara Fate. This sword is a result of your karma. Take your time experiencing it."

As Yi Yun spoke, he removed the time restrains as Demonic Marshall convulsed as he plummeted from the sky.


Demonic Marshall's heavy body smashed into the ground, spasming again and again. Only about half a minute later did he lose all his vitality.

Although it was only a short period of time, Demonic Marshall experienced a pain of a hundred generations. His facial features were contorted and all of his tendons and bones were twisted until their broke.

Demonic Marshall was dead!

Yi Yun took another look at the remaining powerful demonic servants. These demonic servants were Demonic Marshall's direct subordinates, so their strength was on par with Demonic General Perfected Hou of yesteryear.

But against Yi Yun, all of them lost their wits.

Before they could even react, Yi Yun shot his gaze over, and like sharp swords, tore through their soul seas.

The luster in all their eyes vanished. Like rotten meat, they fell from the sky, having died instantaneously.

The linen-clothed youth looked at Yi Yun in a daze. The scene before him felt like a dream.

He found it hard to believe that an existence as powerful as the Demonic Martial, a super expert who could repress the combined forces of several reclusive Godly Monarchs of the Sinkhole, would be killed so casually as though he was a chicken being slaughtered.

As for the other half-step Godly Monarch demonic servants, they were all killed with a mere thought. No action was even required…

What kind of terrifying strength was this?

It wasn't only the linen-clothed youth. Everyone present was astounded. The huge square full of millions of disciples was silent.

Everyone looked at Yi Yun as some began to recall something as they looked towards the gigantic statue in the square.

The black-robed man looked somewhat similar to Yi Yun's statue, but it was not completely identical.

Is he really… Yi Yun?

However, Yi Yun had not been away from the Sinkhole for long. Furthermore, he had left due to the Ancestor God's pursuit, yet in these short few years, how was he capable of possessing such terrifying strength?

Furthermore he had said the words—"Your master is waiting for you in the netherworld. If you wish to find him, let me send you there."

Did the meaning of that sentence mean that Yi Yun had already killed the Ancestor God?

This thought surfaced in many people's minds, but they found it unbelievable.

It was as that moment when a loud roar of laughter broke the silence.

"Hahahaha! Kid, I knew you wouldn't die that easily. You finally came back. If you didn't, I'd have been sucked dry."

Upon hearing this excited voice, everyone turned their heads in puzzlement. They saw that the person speaking was the guardian of the Mirage Sea Realm array—Old Snake.