1707 Ending 5 - Reigniting the Flames of Vitality

True Martial World

Since the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao was lost up until this moment, Old Snake had suffered too much. Although he remained his usual flippant self when he met Yi Yun, Yi Yun could tell that Old Snake's physical condition was now worse.

Back when the array was first set up, a great deal of Old Snake's Godly Monarch Origins had been drained. Coupled with over a hundred years of labor, Old Snake was now even older.

His back was more hunched and, although he still wore a cynical smile, the wrinkles that formed from the smile were even deeper.

"Teacher, it's been hard on you for all these years."

Yi Yun sighed deep down. In this Sinkhole that was filled with despair, a bunch of seniors were forging ahead bearing the burdens, so as to hold up the sky for the young.

Although these seniors had their backs hunched from the pressures of time, to the point of not being able to bear the weight any further, that was already sufficient, no matter how tiny that piece of sky they held up was.

They had already done everything they could have done.

"Kid, what did you address me as?" At that moment, Old Snake stared at Yi Yun with his tiny eyes which resembled a pair of green peas in astonishment. His impression of Yi Yun was a slippery kid who only did things if they benefited himself. He would be thanking his lucky stars if Yi Yun called him 'Old Scammer,' so what the heck was 'Teacher?'

"Ahem. Kid, I think it's best you act more normally. Your sudden change is making me a little uncomfortable."

Upon seeing Old Snake behaving this way, Yi Yun laughed. Even in this world of despair, Old Snake was still his usual self.

A former Godly Monarch of a generation, a figure who stood at the pinnacle of the Sinkhole had fallen from his throne, suffering damage to his soul; yet, he was able to find pleasure in life and live an exciting life. He would even seek out Heaven Earth spirit herbs to extend his lifespan from time to time.

To have such an attitude in life was indeed not something everyone would have.

"Old Man, this is what the Sinkhole owes you, as well as what I owe you."

Yi Yun gently raised his right hand, and in the middle of his palm, points of stellar light gathered. At that instant, Yi Yun's palm seemed to connect to the world itself as it reached out to the entire Sinkhole that spanned millions of light years.

More and more stellar light gathered as the experts present were astonished. Yi Yun was gathering Heavenly Dao laws in his palm.

At that moment, a sphere of light floated above Yi Yun's palm. It seemed to contain endless galaxies in it. It was the Dao that Yi Yun had extracted from the Ancestor God when he killed him.

Through the Ancestor God's long lifespan, he had devoured countless Heavenly Dao so as to cultivate his own Ancestor God Dao.

A portion of it was left in the Chaos Heavens, returned to the world in the form of the Ancestor God's corpse.

And the other portion had been taken away by Yi Yun.

After defeating the Ancestor God, Yi Yun had gained enlightenment. He realized what ought to happen. Years ago, when the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch left this Multiverse, he had not taken away the three Universe seeds; therefore, Yi Yun ought to also restore the Heavenly Dao to its original state.

In fact, Yi Yun had already been enlightened from the Heavenly Dao which the Ancestor God had devoured. He took it all in before restoring everything to its original state.

Only by doing so would his Martial Dao go further. Only then could he truly rely on his own strength; otherwise, he would end up down an unorthodox path like the Ancestor God—never being able to make contact with the true peak of the Martial Dao.

"Old Man, this Ascending Dragon Cauldron is also yours. I'm also returning it to you now."

As Yi Yun spoke, a tiny black cauldron flew out of his body. The miniature cauldron spun above his palm.

The Ascending Dragon Cauldron was the intrinsic artifact of the Dragon King. It was simply because Old Snake had lost too much of his soul shards that he had forgotten the Dragon Emperor Technique. Back then, Old Snake's life was on a decline, and he knew that the Ascending Dragon Cauldron would go to waste if kept in his possession which was why he handed it to Yi Yun.

And now, with Yi Yun's realm, he had no longer any need for the Ascending Dragon Cauldron. He was naturally returning it to Old Snake. Within the Ascending Dragon Cauldron, there was the blood of the Dragon Emperor which would serve to be extremely beneficial to restoring Old Snake's vitality.

"Kid, what are you…"

Old Snake was taken aback. Before he could say anything, Yi Yun had already injected the Heavenly Dao nomological fragment from the Ancestor God and the Ascending Dragon Cauldron into Old Snake's dantian.

Old Snake's body quaked as his aged body burst out with blinding nomological beams.

Immediately following that, everyone sensed an inexplicable scene happen. Under this divine light, Old Snake's body slowly transformed. His white hair turned black as his wrinkles vanished. His facial features turned sublime as his eyes turned profound and bright.

His body also grew taller as his back turned straight. Muscles began to ripple and fill up.

His youth was restored!

This change was not only limited to his body, but also on life's natural order. People could clearly sense that the lifeblood powers in Old Snake were like a burning flame, strongly intense and exuberant.

"This…This is…"

Old Snake looked at his body in shock.

Immediately following that, Yi Yun flicked his finger as a tiny black cube appeared above his fingertip. It was the Magic Cube which the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch had left behind.

The Magic Cube was the Seed of Soul, and condensed within it was the nomological forces of the Soul.

The Magic Cube spun as infinite light of Souls gathered, restoring Old Snake's damaged soul.

In just moments, Old Snake's lost memories returned to him.

But at that moment, Old Snake was surprisingly calm. From that ancient battle, he had been accustomed to his identity as Old Snake over all those years. He had found joy in touring the world for hundreds of millions of years, having relinquished everything from the past.

To Old Snake, the former Dragon King was like his previous incarnation. Even after regaining his memories, he still felt the same.

Snakes and dragons were of the same form, and snakes could turn into dragons by transcending the Heavenly Tribulation.

Even though Old Snake had regained his former strength as the Dragon King, he was still Old Snake.

At that moment, everyone present, be they experts from all across the Sinkhole or the young elites, all of them could sense an extremely powerful vitality from Old Snake's body. It was even far greater than that of the Demonic Marshall Shilong from before!

This is…

People found it unbelievable. What seemed like a old man in his final days had been recreated into an expert so casually.

He had his youth restored and his looks…

People found Old Snake's looks very familiar.

"Doesn't he look identical to that statue in the square?"

Everyone was stunned. The statues at the entrance of the Mirage Sea Realm not only carved the looks of the eight Godly Monarchs, it also included their unique characteristics.

Looks could be the same by chance, but those characteristics couldn't be replicated. Furthermore, the vitality which Old Snake effused was something only an ancient Godly Monarch could attain.

Dragon King, one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs, had been this elder in front of them!?

He had his vitality snuffed out in that ancient battle and he had remained heavily injured until this day?

Old Snake's identity as one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs shocked everyone, but even more shocking was that Yi Yun was able to restore a Godly Monarch who was close to death to his original form!

Anyone with some knowledge of the Martial Dao knew how difficult this was!