1708 Ending 6 - Meeting Ling Xie'er Again

True Martial World

Aging was something that couldn't be reversed. One's flames of vitality could wane, and to replenish it was extremely difficult.

Although there were few natural treasures in the world which could rekindle the flames of vitality, they were either priceless or only capable of restoring the vitality of low-level warriors.

As for peerless experts, there was nearly no way of restoring their vitality even for Supremacies, much less Divine Lords and Godly Monarchs.

And Old Snake was no ordinary Godly Monarch. As one of the eight ancient Godly Monarchs, his powers had been lost for hundreds of millions of years; yet, he was capable of being restored?

Such a heaven-defying change of fate, the reversal of life's natural order, was indescribable.

If that were the case, what kind of realm had Yi Yun's strength reached?

Everyone felt a shock from deep within their souls. To cultivate to such a realm, that one could control all the laws and have command over the Heavenly Dao, was something they found incomprehensible.

Yi Yun did not give the crowd time to think as he looked at Huan Chenxue. "Miss Huan, back then at the Nine Li Magus Empire, I saw that the divine alchemist had refined for you the Fate Changing Pill. Back then, although I had obtained his heritage and was invited by the Nine Li Magus Empire to perfect their array, my cultivation level was unfortunately limited, preventing me from completing the Fate Changing Pill. I left behind my Fire Spirit in the Nine Li Magus Empire to maintain the array's operations, and quite some time has passed since then.

Yi Yun felt mixed emotions. As a Fire Spirit that was born out of the Heretical God Fire Seed, Ling Xie'er had always been very dependent on him. Back when Yi Yun rescued Ling Xie'er out of the Sun Burial Sandsea, the young girl had wanted to stay with him forever, but Yi Yun had no choice but to leave her behind because the Nine Li Magus Empire had encountered something he couldn't handle.

Yi Yun felt guilt for leaving her alone in that array for such long periods of time.

"Let me retrieve the Fate Changing Pill, as a way to complete the job Senior Divine Alchemist didn't manage to accomplish."

As Yi Yun spoke, he casually tore open space and vanished.

Everyone was stunned. Did Yi Yun say that he was heading to the Nine Li Magus Empire?

It was situated extremely far from the Mirage Sea Realm, but Yi Yun's casual tearing of space allowed him to go there directly…

But thinking of the means available to him, compared to the restoration of an ancient Godly Monarch's vitality, that was nothing.

As they were still pondering over the matter, space was torn apart again as Yi Yun walked out. In his hand was a pill suffusing shimmering rainbow light. This pill seemed to condense the infinite essence of the Heaven and Earth.

And sitting on Yi Yun's shoulder was a young girl with a ruddy complexion.

The girl looked like she was about nine or ten and she had two buns on her head. Her face was round and chubby like a carved piece of pink jade and was the epitome of what a young beauty was.

At that moment, the young girl wore a look of pleasant surprise as her eyes seemed to well with tears.

"Brother Yi Yun!"

The young girl hugged Yi Yun's neck, overjoyed and aggrieved.

"Xie'er, I've made you wait for so long. From this day forth, we won't be separating. I've also found you a pet. Do you find it cute?"

As Yi Yun spoke, he took out the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm. The poor Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm was originally sleeping, so it was already a little unhappy about being awoken. When it heard that it had become a pet for some baffling reason, it turned even more depressed as it cried out a few times as a form of protest.

But at that moment, Ling Xie'er's was completely attached to the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm. She hugged the plump little guy in delight.

"Wow, it's really cute. What's your name?"

The Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm wore a look of befuddlement, but allowed Ling Xie'er to hug it.

"Xie'er, go to the God Advent Tower first. I still have things to deal with. Once everything is done, I'll bring you to a brand new world."


Ling Xie'er nodded obediently. She could also tell that Yi Yun was the center of attention.

Her petite body flashed as she entered the God Advent Tower with the Nine Transformations Celestial Silkworm. At that moment, everyone looked at the pill in Yi Yun's hand.

Fate Changing Pill!

Few people knew of Huan Chenxue's origins, but they had guesses. It was because everyone in the Sinkhole knew that Huan Chenxue was merely mortal, but what mortal could live that long, establish a Land of Hope, and be its owner?

And from what Yi Yun had said, it could be inferred that Huan Chenxue was also an ancient peerless figure who had lost her powers due to her heavy injuries.

Huan Chenxue looked at the Fate Changing Pill in Yi Yun's hand and drew a deep breath. She never expected that the divine pill would so suddenly appear in Yi Yun's hand and be completed in such a short period of time. It was something that even the divine alchemist had failed to complete, something that did not take form despite requiring the Nine Li Magus Empire to maintain a Herb Nurturing Array for hundreds of millions of years, expending infinite amounts of Heaven Earth essence.

"What realm has your cultivation level reached?" asked Huan Chenxue.

Yi Yun shook his head. "I'm not sure either. I guess it's in between the state of figuring out the Heavenly Dao laws to the creation of one's own Heavenly Dao laws…"

Creation of one's own Heavenly Dao laws?

Huan Chenxue was taken aback. It was a realm she didn't even come close.

Was that above a Godly Monarch?

Yi Yun flicked his finger and the Fate Changing Pill in his hand flew into Huan Chenxue's hand. "This pill is condensed from the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao laws. It also contains remnant powers of the Ancestor God, as well as the nomological forces left behind by Senior Divine Alchemist."

Although Yi Yun had the ability to restore Huan Chenxue like he did for Old Snake, fusing her with the lost Heavenly Dao, he did not do so. Instead, he saw the uncompleted wishes of the divine alchemist to their promised end. After all, he had once inherited the divine alchemist's heritage. As such, he was finally ending the karmic connection.

After consuming this heaven-defying pill, Huan Chenxue would fuse with the Nine Li Magus Maiden. They were originally one, and by doing so, she would reclaim all of her original powers.

The eight ancient Godly Monarchs of the past had sacrificed too much for the Sinkhole. Now, he was returning everything they gave up.

"Thank you, Yi Yun. I never imagined that you would come this far back when I invited you to the Mirage Sea Realm." Huan Chenxue felt a flurry of emotions. Yi Yun had developed his strength too rapidly. That bit of time was completely nothing to people like her, but when this time was given to Yi Yun, it resulted in an astonishing miracle.

"You previously mentioned that you slew the Ancestor God?" Huan Chenxue asked again.

Yi Yun nodded. "I have taken the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao back. I will return it to the Sinkhole in the coming years."

Yi Yun's voice wasn't loud, but it reached every corner of the Mirage Sea Realm. Everyone heard him clearly.

All the geniuses were shocked.

They nearly failed to react to what he had said, or it could be said that they were in disbelief even when they realized what he had said.

It was like a dream.

The Sinkhole was already dead, and it was like a gloomy cloud that hung over all the heads of the Sinkhole warriors. It was the greatest tragedy for the warriors of this age.

And now, Yi Yun was able to kill the Ancestor God and return the Sinkhole's Heavenly Dao!

To cultivate to Yi Yun's realm, helming control over the world and fate, being capable of restoring former ancient Godly Monarchs with a lift of his hand and mending a Universe's Heavenly Dao with the lowering of his hand.

This was truly the epitome of life.