Chapter 1194 – Battlefield

Warlock of the Magus World


The two rank 9s were terrifyingly fast. They’d distanced themselves instantly during the explosion, patiently waiting for everything to end.

“What… is… this?” Leylin looked at the confluence of the two worlds, surprise flashing in his eyes. The merged area was devoured under his gaze, reaching a total standstill as the World of Gods and Magus World seemed to reach a perfect balance. They now looked like a dumbbell, the two worlds joined by this point of confluence.

He instantly moved to this new land. Everything here had originally been void, but a black continent had been formed after the blast.

“The laws of space and time have crystallised…” Scanning across the large continent, Leylin found that all kinds of laws had grown stable here, the earth more solid than magic alloy while the space was extremely stable. Even Breaking Dawns would find it difficult to fly here, forget breaking through space.

Leylin used the law of original sin to scan the entire continent, finding out its specific area. It was one tenth the size of the prime material plane, without the slightest hints of life in the rocky desert.

“Where did the Overgod and Magus Will go?” Leylin asked Mother Core who was beside him.

“This place is at the centre of the confluence between the two worlds, having a strange balance…” Mother Core truly was an existence that had survived the Final War. Her insight and abundant experience allowed her to make sense of the situation, “Although the Overgod suffered serious injuries with the destruction of the Weave, the fight between rank 9s exceeds the limit of my comprehension…

“Even if the Overgod is slightly weaker than the Magus WIll, I’m afraid they won’t be able to determine a winner in a short period of time. They should currently be entangled in a dimension we cannot detect, leaving the task of the Final War to the beings of law…”

“You mean…” Leylin looked at the huge continent below them. Although it wasn’t suitable for life, it did indeed serve well as a battlefield for beings of law.

“That’s right… With the two worlds merging together, the devouring has reached a deadlock. The rest depends on the power of the beings of law…”

Mother Core pointed towards the mainland, “This is the final battlefield, a land of nirvana where the losers lose everything. If we can achieve a pivotal victory here, the Magus Will will be able to directly devour the Overgod… However, the opposite is true as well!”

“In other words,” Leylin muttered, “The power of the World Wills are determined by their inhabitants. The victor of this battle here will determine final victory between the two beings of law…”

“Correct. With the two-world plan and our advantage of advancing first, we have a great advantage right now… Don’t squander it!”

“I’m afraid beings of law aren’t enough… We also need large amounts of cannon fodder,” Leylin mused, “We need a regiment of Breaking Dawns led by an existence of laws to take out the lesser and intermediate gods…”

“Our reserves consist of all the Magi across the astral plane. We far exceed the opponent in numbers…”

“We’ll gather our troops, mobilising them for war immediately…” numerous beings of law promised.

Leylin, on the other hand, was staring at the huge black continent. This would be the final battlefield, the land of the end. One could imagine how it would become a terrifying land of death in the near future.


On the other end of the battlefield, space trembled as numerous divine kingdoms descended. They formed a strange beehive-like structure, a sort of tight fortress. Numerous prayers sounded out as holy spirits prepared to defend the mainland. The gods had completely disregarded all notions of good and evil, fighting side by side.

Armies of elementals entered the battlefield, accompanied by demon lords led by the two Abyssal Lords. Massive demonic armies rushed forth.

“The divine kingdoms have descended, and all the races allied together… It seems like the gods are staking everything on this too…” Leylin sneered at the opponents’ formation.

“The final battle is nigh… The scale of this war has already exceeded the peak of our past,” Mother Core added.

“It seems so! We should begin with our arrangements too.”

Numerous rules Magus roared. The power of laws fused with each other here, allowing them to unleash their full strength without the World War Armour.

The same held true for the gods. However, such ‘fairness’ wasn’t actually fair.

“Our determination to forge forward… Everything we’ve struggled to obtain from the astral plane shall be displayed here today. The glory of the Magi will shroud everything!” The Magi roared out loud, opening the channels to world after world.

The Dark World, Purgatory, Icy World… A steady stream of troops marched out of every one, their faces flooded with bloodthirst and determination. The weakest was at the Morning Star realm, equivalent to legendaries in the World of Gods. And that was the cannon fodder!

For the sake of the truth, to advance their truesouls, these Magi set off without hesitation. Terrifying war drums echoed throughout the astral plane!

A large ghastly castle revealed itself in Leylin’s assigned area, as if a living snake that released bloodthirsty roars.

““Father!”” Two young Warlocks appeared within the huge hall, and Leylin looked at them with a gentle smile on his face. “I only planned to use my accumulations in Dreamscape and my avatar’s divine kingdom in this Final War. I didn’t think you’d insist on coming, the Ouroboros Clan was too weak to help.“

Standing in front of Leylin were his two oldest sons, Syre and Daniel. Both of them had inherited his bloodline, benefitting from the power of the Nightmare Hydra. They were close to the realm of laws, just like him when he was at the peak of rank 6.

The early stages of advancement for a Warlock depended almost solely on the strength of their bloodline. In this regard, what could exceed the bloodline of the Nightmare Hydra?

“Are you aware of how dangerous the Final War is? Even Breaking Dawns are still cannon fodder here… What do your mothers have to say about this?”Leylin looked at his two oldest sons. They were already a thousand years old, having become ancestral figures of the Ouroboros Clan with children and grandchildren of their own.

“The records of the ancient war in the library described it well enough…” Syre and Daniel looked at each other for a bit, before Daniel stood up and spoke, “We told Mother and Aunt before we left…”

“You…” Leylin sighed. He could see a shadow of his past self in the eyes of his children, holding an insatiable thirst for the truth.

Furthermore, it was difficult for a Breaking Dawn Magus to advance to rank 7. Even Leylin had relied on frantically plundering Dreamscape and the World of Gods to make the leap successfully.

Even though Syre and Daniel had a head start with their bloodlines, they still needed opportunities over a long period of time to bloom. The World of Gods was a shortcut to this. As long as they managed to kill a true god and seize a portion of their godfire or divinity, they would be able to obtain comprehension in laws directly.

None of the Magi in the astral plane could resist this temptation. It was the reason why so many low-ranked Magi had joined despite the shocking casualty rate.

“I respect your choices…” Leylin looked at his sons, traces of gentleness within his eyes. “However… since you have decided on this path, you will have to be prepared to undertake the responsibility of your choices, regardless of the result…”

““Yes sir!”” their excited voices rang out. They hadn’t expected things to go so smoothly…

Leylin clapped his hands once both of them left. Two Lords of Calamity walked into the hall, bowing slightly towards him.

“Follow behind them and protect their lives. I’ll raise your quota for a hundred years in exchange.” The Lords of Calamity were happy with that exchange, and they bowed and retreated.

“The protection of two rank 8s, that shall be it…” Leylin shook his head. These kids couldn’t understand the cruelty of the Final War. Even with the Lords of Calamity protecting them they could lose their lives if they were unlucky enough to meet a greater god or someone of that ilk.

However, Leylin decided not to care about it anymore. He’d given them prior warnings and sent guards. His obligations were fulfilled.