Chapter 1197 – A Show

Warlock of the Magus World

A Show

The Magi at Gale Gorge had fallen into chaos with Mother Core and Ignox being ambushed.

The gods launched an attack on them, divine light shining down on the area as angelic holy spirits swarmed the skies, singing praise of their gods as a light of purity razed the Magus castles.

*Hiss!* The void split apart at that moment, revealing the figure of a Nightmare Hydra that covered the skies.

“It’s the Lord of Original Sin!” The Magi rejoiced. On the other side, the petitioners and holy spirits showed fear in their eyes. After all, this existence that had once swallowed the sun was still burning in their memory. That fear was etched deep inside their hearts, and now it had grown into full fledged terror.

“Original Sin!” the Nightmare Hydra hissed, and dense clouds began to envelop the battlefield. Holy spirits, petitioners, even the beings still within the divine kingdoms found their expressions contorting, as the negative emotions in their hearts were magnified over ten million times. Their eyes grew bloodshot.

“Arghhh…” A holy spirit roared, and his body was split into two. A dark beast clawed its way out, possessing the power of hellfire.

“Servants of Original Sin! Attack!” Large numbers were turned in an instant, and the dense army of the divine actually turned around to greet their new Lord. It charged out under the command of the Nightmare Hydra, heading for its original camp.

Cries of anguish rang out, and the magnified emotions were absorbed by a rejoicing Leylin.

“Leylin, Lord of Original Sin!” “Leylin, Lord of Original Sin!” “Leylin, Lord of Original Sin!” A great number of Magi cheered, their voices heard above all other commotions.

The Nightmare Hydra didn’t stop there. The third eye of the devouring head showed itself, looking towards a certain part of the sky.

*Kacha!* The law of devouring broke the void, revealing several flustered gods.

“Stay!” A sharp silver blade flew out of the snake’s jaws, piercing through the middle of a god’s eyebrows.

*Bang!* the god’s eyes were full of shock, turning sluggish as his divine body fell down. Seven Sins had already destroyed his everything, wiping out all chances of his resurrection.

“Lathander!” Several gods seethed in fury, yet they did not tarry as they beat their retreat.

“Lathander? The Morninglord? Becoming a lesser god after the sun was extinguished, what useless trash…” Leylin didn’t feel much joy for killing a former greater god. He instead shifted his glance towards a rank 7 Magus, pulling the man closer, “Where’s Mother Core?”

Even as an existence of laws, the rank 7 felt fear seep through his entire body in the face of the Nightmare Hydra. “T–The Gale Whirlpools,” he stuttered out, “H–Here’s a map, my Lord!”

This old Magus had a cap of spikes on his head, and his beard was now quivering as if the Nightmare Hydra would gobble him up at any second. After all, he was just a rank 7 Magus, and this existence before him had killed a lesser god effortlessly just like that.

“Well done, I’ll leave the remaining tasks to you!” The dark mist covered the map, and the Nightmare Hydra’s figure vanished immediately before the old Magus, entering Gale Gorge. The blades of wind that could repel beings of law couldn’t even create sparks on the Nightmare Hydra’s scales.

“As expected of a peak rank 8 like Leylin Farlier, the most outstanding Magus in the astral plane…” The old Magus muttered, feeling extremely discouraged.


“Gale Gorge!” Feeling the ever-growing pressure within Gale Gorge, Leylin sighed.

The valley was littered with azure tornadoes that could swallow up beings of law. The boundless area seemed to contain multiple smaller planes, just like a giant maze. Even powerful beings would get lost here without a map, which Leylin fortunately possessed.

He stepped forth fearlessly, his current strength ensuring that there wasn’t much in the world that could stop him. The Nightmare Hydra bulldozed through the region, crushing many smaller planes into pieces as it created an extremely safe straight path.

“Whirlpool 3, I’m here!” Leylin felt weightless as he jumped into a huge whirlpool. The eye of the storm was devoid of the frightening winds and thick walls that blocked all entry.

“Mother Core and Ignox!” Leylin immediately saw two large figures sealed in thick world crystals, surrounded by numerous gods with auras powerful just standing nearby could cause one to be frightened.

“Chauntea, Tempus, Tyr, and Silvanus…” The Nightmare Hydra howled, spitting out a horrifying amount of destructive power from its nine heads. The gods quickly retreated as it began to shrink, condensing into Leylin’s normal form with Seven Sins in hand.

“Break!” Seven Sins whistled, its sharp blade ramming into the world crystals.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!* A web of cracks spread along the surface of the crystals, before they rumbled and exploded. Mother Core’s true body burst out from within, accompanied by Ignox.

“You did well, Leylin!” Mother Core gazed at Leylin in delight. However, her eyes suddenly showed an intense emotion, “NOO!”

Right at the moment they were saved, Ignox’s face was shrouded by a terrifying darkness. A power of distortion formed in his hands, revealing a spear as sharp as could be. The full power of a rank 8 Magus thrust it into Leylin’s chest.

“Eicher’s Thorn!” Mother Core cried out, the majestic power of earth pushing Ignox away as disbelief filled her eyes, “Why? Ignox, why are you doing this?”

“Keke… you’re asking me why I’m doing this?” Ignox laughed maniacally, pulling off his black cloak to reveal the essence of distortion. The rings of power grew more and more terrifying, and his aura eventually shifted into another form.

“Distorted Shadow!” A phantom hydra snarled from behind Leylin, a few of its heads sinking down. His hands filled up with the power of sin as he pulled the dagger out, his eyes on Distorted Shadow, “Was Ignox a clone, or did you use your powers to consume him?”

His words revealed an astounding secret. The rank 7 wizard known as Ignox, always staying within the Magus World, was actually controlled by Distorted Shadow, perhaps even as a clone!

“Is there a difference?” Boundless distorted shadows filled the void as his true body descended. The black rings melded with Distorted Shadow, revealing that the two were of the same essence.

“All I know is that all of you shall fall here…” Fusing back with Ignox, Distorted Shadow became even more difficult to comprehend. He seemed on the verge of reaching peak rank 8 again.

He was initially an incomplete conscient. Even after devouring the God of Murder, Cyric, and making use of his essence to recover, he’d only temporarily regained his status as a peak rank 8. He was still a ways to go from true peak rank 8 power like Mother Core. Now, however, his might exceeded that of Mother Core, closing in on Leylin’s peak prowess.

“Mother Core, and the Lord of Original Sin! The two extreme powers of the Magus World… I see the rise of the stars from your death!” With the four gods present as well, Leylin and Mother Core were heavily surrounded.

*Rumble!* Silvanus’ will descended amidst a green light. The leader of the gods brought with him the power of the four elemental planes.

Wind, earth, water, and fire. The four elemental gods had descended, forming a terrifying seal once more as they broke off all chances of escape!

“Gods!” Mother Core gazed at DIstorted Shadow, seemingly in disbelief. “For the sake of internal conflict you’re actually willing to betray us and side with the gods?”

The fight between Leylin and Distorted Shadow had only been a conflict of interest before. Now, however, Distorted Shadow joining the gods would make him the archenemy of all Magi.

“How can my tolerance and greatness be estimated by you…” Distorted Shadow laughed maniacally, “I will soon become the God of Chaos in the World of Gods, still retaining my powers as a Magus. I am the only one qualified to reach the end of the Final War, obtaining eternity!”

The distortions around Distorted Shadow’s body began to go berserk, representing the agitation in his mind at this moment.