Chapter 3809

World Defying Dan God

Long Yue clasped the key and looked at Shen Xiang with a dignified look.

Shen Xiang nodded, indicating that she could start, and Xiao Xianglin had successfully developed World Defying God Source, and she was very confident in her strength, especially in the face of various spells killing formation.

Long Yue took the opportunity to enter the key, only to see a golden glow of the key, shrouded them, and the flying disc was replaced by Shen Xiang’s Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

Xiao Xianglin can directly control Divine Mirror of Six Paths in Hidden Jade Villa. She knows the various forms in Divine Mirror of Six Paths, and Divine Mirror of Six Paths can defend her, plus her World Defying God. The power of Source can make them safer.

Divine Mirror of Six Paths was wrapped in golden light after the key was released and began to sink to the mire.

Shen Xiang also senses a wave of space, they are crossing a space barrier and heading to another space.

The space inside the Star Space is also white, and when it comes to it, Shen Xiang feels inexplicably suppressed.

“Be careful!” Long Yue frowned. “There is empty, but there are spelling formations everywhere!”

Below is a flat land, the earth is dark black, there are many small black stones, and really can’t see anything.

After falling to the ground, Shen Xiang looked at the sky. Although it was very bright, it had a thick cloud, which made him feel like there was a super strong killing formation, which would release a strong strength at any time.

“Don’t mess!” Xiao Xianglin suddenly came out of Hidden Jade Villa and looked serious.

“Sister Xiao!” Long Yue saw Xiao Xianglin and found that Xiao Xianglin’s breath was a little different at this time, which made her secretly shocked because she had just sensed the power of God Source.

“Little Yue, is the place where you landed before?” asked Xiao Xianglin.

“No!” Long Yue looked at all around and shook his head. “We fought in that place, there are obvious signs, but not here.”

“Master, is this all around really have a lot of killing formation?” Shen Xiang asked.

“A lot, we are now in a killing formation!” Xiao Xianglin spoke, took out a golden long sword, it seems to be refining with dao creation saint crystal.

She threw the long sword and inserted it in a slightly larger stone in the distance, directly penetrating the stone and inserting it into the ground.

Then she took out more than a dozen such long swords and threw them on more than a dozen stones all around.

“It should be ok!” She closed her eyes and saw more than a dozen golden long sword suddenly glimmering, then smashing the golden light.

“This killing formation has been solved!” Xiao Xianglin lightly smiled: “This is hard to beat me!”

Both Shen Xiang and Long Yue were amazed because they saw this all around with green grass, and before it was black stone.

“This is what it is!” Long Yue exclaimed, seeing that Xiao Xianglin had such a skill, she also admired at the same time, because it is more likely to save the smoke.

“Where is the smoke charm?” asked Xiao Xianglin.

“I don’t know!” Long Yue shook his head.

Xiao Xianglin frowned, said: “The killing formation here is deliberately placed here, it takes a lot of energy, and where does this energy come from?”

“From the stars!” Long Yue said: “In the Creation Star Clan, those powerful people have many stars in their bodies… so smoke is like this.”

“The killing formation here is quite a lot, and each one is very strong. If I solve some, they will definitely be able to sense it. I should come over and see it later.” Xiao Xianglin said: “As long as someone comes, we will take them down.” ”

“Master, can I fly here with Profound Wind Spell?” Shen Xiang asked.

“No, the killing formation here is not ordinary. You should not try even the illusory body, otherwise it will only trigger killing formation.” Xiao Xianglin said: “All you have to do is wait for Creation Star Clan. After the person came to investigate, he took him down, and then I used Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search for his memory.”

After that, Xiao Xianglin took out some formation plate or some of her retouched flag, which is her little thing for the break to formation.

Shen Xiang and Long Yue are always behind Xiao Xianglin. If there is any danger, they can also resist Xiao Xianglin for a while.

Just half an hour, Xiao Xianglin broke through more than a dozen killing formations and appeared many green grasses.

“Someone is coming!” Xiao Xianglin sensed, hurriedly said.

Shen Xiang and Long Yue suddenly watched all around, but nothing can be seen. It is flat, and there is no thick fog. It can be seen very far. If someone comes, it will definitely be seen directly.

“The killing formation here also has Illusion Formation, each killing formation is closed, they walk in the formation, you naturally can’t see.” Xiao Xianglin urged: “Shen Xiang, fast stealth!”

Shen Xiang immediately used Xiao Xianglin to cover Xiao Xianglin and Long Yue, and the hidden atmosphere was carried out by Xiao Xianglin using the spell strength. She is very proficient in this aspect.

Not long after, I saw two people appearing like a suddenly, coming to this piece of green grass.

“Our formation has been broken so much! Is anyone coming in?” One of the purple clothed youths holding the disc, surprised.

“Impossible, we have arranged killing formation, even the people who are arranged are not so easy and quick to break, at most, just to avoid triggering formation! We created Star people, but the strongest existence of the mantra, even we can’t do it, Not to mention other people.” A middle-aged coldly said: “This should be caused by an abnormality in the seal of the old dog of Dao Creation God Lord.”

Long Yue is more admired by Xiao Xianglin. Creation Star Clan’s use of the set up formation is really very powerful, and Xiao Xianglin is far superior to them.

“They only cultivated the spirit of God Source and can easily take it.” Xiao Xianglin gave Long Yue and Shen Xiang sound transmission.

Shen Xiang and Long Yue discussed it and then offered the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, urging the Divine Mirror of Six Paths to release a glare that shrouded the two Star people.

After the two people were exposed to such strong light, they could not help but pierce through their eyes. At the same time, there was a strong mental attack accompanied by glare and poured into his Divine sea, which made them feel great. influences.

Then Long Yue immediately flew over, swaying a black long knife and smashing the two men. The Divine Mirror of Six Paths also flew over and floated on it, releasing a seal to seal the two.

Xiao Xianglin finally took the shot and used her own God Source to condense the seal mantra, branded on them, so that they could not move, then put their hands on their heads, run Grasping Soul Devil Curse, search for them. Memory.

“Ah… It’s Long Yue!” The middle-aged recognized Long Yue, angrily said.

“I am back!” Long Yue said with a sneer: “I will kill you all.”

The two men were terrified, because the spell that Xiao Xianglin hit on them was very terrifying, and now they know that those killing formations are broken!