Chapter 3810

World Defying Dan God

When the two Star people were searched for memory by Long Yue using Grasping Soul Devil Curse, the pain was very painful, the face was distorted by pain, and the continuous loud voice screamed.

“Can you find memories?” Shen Xiang asked.

“We have already searched, we have to act as soon as possible, they have found a way to break this barrier.” Xiao Xianglin said in a hurry: “They want to use the strength to break the formation in the body of the smoke, it is very likely to make the God Source The self-exploding strength impacts the weakest part of the barrier.”

Long Yue heard, very anxious: “Where are they?”

“We are going now, I have mastered these killing formations from their memory, and can easily overcome the killing formation.” Xiao Xianglin said: “Now, Creation Star Clan, which was sealed here, was originally determined to sacrifice a practice. People who come out of World Defying God Source, and then smoke charms come in, they don’t have to decide.”

“Now they are just waiting for the weakest moment of the barrier, and they start to break the formation.” Xiao Xianglin walked in front and said, “You must remember the place I just stepped on, as long as you step on that position, it will not trigger. Barrier.

Xiao Xianglin In order to make Shen Xiang and Long Yue see clearly, she will release a reddish red mist under her feet as she walks, forming a footprint that emits red light.

Shen Xiang and Long Yue walked on this killing formation group according to her footprints.

Xiao Xianglin walked very fast, because the situation at this time is very urgent. If it is slow, maybe the smoke charm will be executed, and Creation Star Clan will break through the seal.

“Creation Star Clan has started!” Xiao Xianglin suddenly shouted.

Shen Xiang and Long Yue also sensed a qi wave suddenly.

“We have to hurry!” Long Yue was very anxious.

“Yeah!” Xiao Xianglin speeded up.

After a while, they walked out of this killing formation group and came to a large piece of grassland. Only a large high platform was seen in front of it. This high platform was built with some crystals filled with energy.

The smoke charm is on the top of the high platform and is sealed on a transparent crystal!

“The top stone is the star soul stone!” Long Yue whispered, at this time they are all invisible, and the Star people at the all-around all around can’t see them at all.

On the huge crystal stone that seals the smoke, there is a pale blue crystal stone, which is very small, but it releases a dazzling light, which can be seen very clearly in the distance.

“I rushed in to save the smoke! Little Yue, you are responsible for resisting other people who attack, Shen Xiang secretly sneaked.” Xiao Xianglin said.

“Sister Xiao, let me come, I have cultivated World Defying God Source, it will be easier to rush in,” Long Yue said.

“No! That high platform is a formation barrier, you can’t get in, I am over, they are already starting.” Xiao Xianglin said, has already vacated.

In the high platform all around are Star people, several have cultivated World Defying God Source, and after Xiao Xianglin clone, the strength is not weak, can resist these people.

Long Yue also used the clone mantra, and there were two clones around her.

Xiao Xianglin first rushed, and has already attracted the five strongest Star people, they are all surprised, because unexpectedly someone can enter here without knowing it, there are many barriers they have arranged outside. It is not easy to break one by one.

When they saw the dress of Xiao Xianglin, they knew that it was a woman. They thought it was Long Yue, but look carefully, not!

Xiao Xianglin’s two clones fly in other directions, throwing a lot of golden long swords and long swords in the air to form a powerful killing sword array.

“It’s a sword array, be careful!” A Star people shouted, immediately throw two formation plates to resist.

Long Yue also burst into her own breath at this time, and she was shocked because she saw that Xiao Xianglin had cultivated World Defying God Source.

Long Yue and two clones have already rushed into the crowd, killing the sword and flying, and killing dozens of Star people at once.

Xiao Xianglin’s deity has come to the top of the high platform, the first to remove the stone of the star, and then quickly break the crystal stone of the anti-smoking charm.

The smoke charm was extremely heavy at this time, it was very weak, and Xiao Xianglin immediately gave her a clone curse soul stone!

Shen Xiang turned into a mysterious wind, blended into the Legend dragon fire, blowing out a raging roar with flames, shrouded the creation of the Star people, and the other two clones also mixed into the sea of ​​fire.

In the blink of an eye, there are hundreds of Star people killed, and after Xiao Xianglin and Long Yue split the clone, they are equivalent to six World Defying God Sources, and the other has five, so their pressure is not too Big.

“Isn’t mastering the clone spell?” Xiao Xianglin waited beside the smoke charm, and the smoke charm had entered the time formation plate.

“Come on!” The smoke charm is that he is dead. I didn’t expect Long Yue to suddenly emerge, but also with a strong helper. She is very curious about Xiao Xianglin’s identity, not only proficient in various mantras. And the strength is still very strong.

The only thing she can be sure of is that Xiao Xianglin must be related to Shen Xiang, because Xiao Xianglin has a mantra stone in her hand. Long Yue told her that the mantra stone was obtained from Shen Xiang.

Long Yue did not tell the smoke charm Shen Xiang has a very powerful Master.

Shen Xiang has appeared, his arm has been turned into the arm of the Scarlet Dragon, and the Star people he hit, instantly turned into a spark, and strength is very overbearing.

Hōng hōng hōng !

Shen Xiang’s fists, like squally showers, rushed out, and the rain-like fists instantly smashed dozens of Star people who used the formation plate to resist.

In the face of Shen Xiang’s hegemonic strength, even the strength of the formation is hard to resist. His killing of the dragon fist can instantly burst into it, and it has already been invincible.

A Star people who practiced World Defying God Source rushed to Xiao Xianglin and attacked with a formation plate, but was shielded by Xiao Xianglin in the flag of all around, and was also bound by the strength of the flag.

At the same time, Xiao Xianglin released the sword array, but at this time, she saw the other four strongest Star people throwing a spear at the same time, stabbing the old man sealed by the flag.

“They want to sacrifice this old man!” Xiao Xianglin saw this scene, hastily left the high platform with smoke.

Xiao Xianglin Just after leaving the high platform, there was a burst of strong energy, and the old man was killed!

“These guys are sincere, even their own companions are killed.” Xiao Xianglin coldly said, they just joined forces to kill the old man, opened their long-formed large formation, penetrated the space wall.

The high platform was originally built with a large number of energy crystals, which ignited a strong energy after the explosion.

“Let’s go!” A new man shouted of Creation Star Clan, then entered the crack in the space.

Shen Xiang’s Divine Mirror of Six Paths circling around, harvesting the Star people’s persons head as much as possible, but there are a lot of Star people here, unexpectedly being run away by hundreds!