Chapter 3811

World Defying Dan God

Shen Xiang saw Xiao Xianglin’s face pale, slightly frowned: “Master, how are you?”

“After being hurt, not in the way, we also enter the space crack and leave.” Xiao Xianglin said that she had just spread the super energy that was erupted to protect the smoke.

“My clone can come out, go to rest.” The smokey eyes are full of gratitude. If it is not Xiao Xianglin, she is already dead.

Long Yue was grateful, and my heart was secretly embarrassed. Xiao Xianglin had a big strength this time.

“Well, I will hand it over to you!” Xiao Xianglin began to heal in the time formation plate of Hidden Jade Villa.

She has cultivated World Defying God Source, fleshly body and all aspects have improved a lot, it is not a resurrection, it takes a lot of time to heal itself.

“Master just gave me the star of the soul!” Shen Xiang took out the star spirit stone and handed it to Long Yue and the smoke charm: “You come here with such a big risk, just to get this!”

“Forget it, you let your Master take it!” Long Yue sighed: “As long as it does not fall into the hands of the evil.”

The smoke charm also nodded. They all knew that the creation star soul stone contained the strength of the mantra, but they were not proficient in the mantra, otherwise they would not be here and they would be trapped by the killing formation.

Xiao Xianglin was the curse of Tianshi and saved them, so they unanimously agreed to give Xin Xianglin a thank-you.

“Well, let’s leave here first!” Shen Xiang and Long Yue and the smoke charm passed through the crack in the space and came to Ancient Era.

Creation Star Clan has escaped, and four of them have been trained by World Defying God Source. They are very evil and vicious guys.

“It’s a hassle.” Shen Xiang pulled their hands tightly as they crossed the barrier, so there was no distraction, and the Star people would definitely be scattered all around when they came over.

“Is this an Ancient Era?” The smoke charm has not been here for a long time.

“Your injury is not light, you need to rest.” Long Yue said, the smoked jade face is not blood-colored, making her not as charming as before.

“It’s already much better now.” Smoke charm lightly smiled.

“Shen Xiang, what do you want to do next?” Long Yue said.

“Go back to Hell first, we are more dangerous here!” Shen Xiang thought about it, because he has not yet cultivated World Defying God Source, and Xiao Xianglin is injured, and the smoke is also weak.

“Good!” Long Yue now listens to Shen Xiang’s.

They spent more than ten days in Pill Devil City. They didn’t have a way back in the Star Space. It was also because Xiao Xianglin was injured and needed rest. In the Star Space, there was a lot of killing, just directly from the space. The crack came out.

Shen Xiang and Long Yue are all in the smoke charm building at this time. When the smoke charm is on the road, they enter Shen Xiang’s Hidden Jade Villa and use her time formation plate. At this time, it is almost as good as before. Fair and charming.

“Shen Xiang, Xiaojie is better?” Long Yue is worried.

“It should be almost better. She may be studying the Star Spirit Stone now.” Shen Xiang said with a smile : “You don’t have to worry about her.”

“This is good. If she is affected by this injury, I will not be willing to go.” The smoke charm said with a slight sigh, the charming and cute look is very moving.

“So I am relieved.” Long Yue also sighed: “Right, Xiaojie has already cultivated World Defying God Source? How come so fast!”

Shen Xiang laughs and says nothing.

“Don’t you succeed in refining the kind of Dan who can cultivate World Defying God Source?” Long Yue was shocked, some could not believe it.

Shen Xiang nodded

“Really? It’s too powerful!” The smoke charmed and smiled, and looked at Shen Xiang with affection. When he came over, he pretended to accidentally fall into Shen Xiang’s arms.

Shen Xiang saw that the beauty fell, of course, it was natural to reach out and grab the delicate body, and touched the soft and delicate jade body, he could not help but sway.

The smoke charm is also so close to Shen Xiang’s, and it is said to be delicately pretty: “My injury is not completely good, and I am not sure if I am not careful.”

Shen Xiang sat in the chair, and the smoke charm was a haughty in his arms, leaning against his chest, watching Long Yue secretly bite his teeth.

“You… you are getting up, what kind of system is this.” Long Yue quickly sipped: “I shouldn’t save you out!”

“Why shouldn’t you save me? Is it because I rob you of a man?” The smoke charm is like a snake, wrapped around Shen Xiang with his delicate body.

Shen Xiang coughed twice and forced the smoke charm off him! He feels that if Long Yue is not there, maybe the smoke charm will make something more crazy and fragrant.

“I don’t know how to be ashamed.” Long Yue was coldly snorted, and saw Shen Xiang take the smoke away, and her heart was inexplicably more comfortable.

The smoke charm is just a giggle’s smile.

“Shen Xiang, why don’t you practice World Defying God Source?” Long Yue asked.

“I originally wanted to cultivate, but I am not worried about you? So I will not practice for a while, so that I can make some effort in Hell. If I knew that the space of Stars can release the strength of World Defying God Source, I will practice. Said,” Shen Xiang said.

Long Yue saw Shen Xiang always worried about her, and couldn’t help but feel moved.

“How did you refine this kind of Dan? This is almost impossible!” The charm of the smoke is very curious, and the charming eyes show a deep love.

“This is my secret!” Shen Xiang’s heart was filled with smoke, and their relationship was so good, and it was tempting him all the time.

“Can you tell this secret to others?” The smoke charm is not known, revealing the girl’s ashamed state, and shyly said: “People can also give you the most precious things for you!”

“Smoke charm, what are you doing?” Long Yue couldn’t stand it anymore, hastily pulled the smoke charm.

“Young Master Shen is a great man, I admire it!” Smoke charmed with a smile: “He is not your man anyway, what are you worried about?”

“I went back to Huang Tian Building. After I cultivated World Defying God Source, I went to Ancient Era.” Shen Xiang said, just got up, but was held by the smoked jade hand.

“I am practicing here!” The smoke charm sighed: “I don’t have a Huang Tian building?”

“I am more comfortable there, at least Huang Tian Senior will not be converient to me.” Shen Xiang laughed, I am going out.

“Hey, the guy who doesn’t understand the style!” The smoke charm smiled and said: “I want you to take my chance, I won’t mind!”

“I don’t want to take it now!” Shen Xiang feels that he must hand over the charm of the smoke to Su Maiyao Hua Xiangyue, these charming women, so that they will be more happy.

Shen Xiang finally left the Yanmei Building and returned to the Huang Tian Building.

Huang Tian Pill Devil is very beautiful at this time, because he sold a lot of Ziyuan Divine Pill, so that Scorpio Pill Devil and Liege Pill Devil are dying.