Chapter 3812

World Defying Dan God

Shen Xiang returned to the Huang Tian building, entered the secret room, ate the condensate Divine Pill, and began to practice!

Divine Pill has a lot of God Source, Shen Xiang has already eaten a second, and then he can only condense God Source into World Defying God Source, even if he cultivates World Defying God Source!

After eating Divine Pill, Shen Xiang will be wrapped up by many crystals and then fall asleep until the energy of Divine Pill is completely refining.

Two days later, Shen Xiang woke up and shook hands and felt how powerful the powerful God Source was.

“I finally cultivated World Defying God Source. Is this the strength limit?” Shen Xiang felt in his heart that the practice of the past years was always the breakthrough limit, and he himself did not know when he could really touch the strength. The peak.

Long Yue has been in the Yanmei Building and has not returned with Shen Xiang.

After Shen Xiang came to the Yanmei Building, he only saw the smoke charm greet him.

“Your Little Yue is gone, go back to Ancient Era, she is really generous, willing to leave you to me.” The singer eats with the match with a smile, no Long Yue is here, she is more unscrupulous, see Shen Xiang After that, they came together directly, finishing Shen Xiang’s clothes as if they were full-hearted wives, and the charming jade face was full of sweetness.

“Well, now my sister is not here! Let’s explain it to you. What are you doing to me? If it was before, you can see that you are trying to stimulate your sister, but she is not here!” Xiang grabbed the smoke and let her sit on her lap and caressed the fascinating face.

“Hey, I thought you really didn’t understand the style!” Smoke charm giggle Jiao said with a smile: “I didn’t expect you to be a dishonest guy.”

Shen Xiang glared at the smoke charm, let her snuggle in her arms, and the smoke charm is very close, and the smoke charm is also very enjoyable, but also caressing Shen Xiang’s chest.

“It feels so good! You have already cultivated World Defying God Source, great!” The smoke charm is whispering.

“How can you let the monthly sister go to Ancient Era alone? Ancient Era, the situation at this time, you don’t know, it’s dangerous!” Shen Xiang gently scraped the nose of the smoked charm: “You, this fairy, you are fast Honestly, why are you giving me a gift?”

“It’s not a fancy, you are very strong, and young and handsome, but I really like you.” Singing while playfully pouting: “I originally followed Little Yue to Ancient Era, but she refused to live and die. Shantou, I grew up watching her grow up, what would she know if she thought?”

“She let me stay here, just to give you the opportunity to get along with me alone!” Yan Mei used his hair to slap Shen Xiang’s face and sighed: “She seems to have feelings for you too!”

“Let’s go, let’s go to Ancient Era!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath and put down the smoke in his arms and stood up.

“Don’t you express your opinion to me?” The smoke charm saw Shen Xiang look sad and he was also slightly owned and became sad.

“Let’s talk about it later!” Shen Xiang thought for a moment and said, “If you really want to learn my Dan, I can give you a chance!”

“Don’t you just let yourself know? I know!” smoked happily said with a smile : “I have already prepared, come on!”

“Don’t think about it, I’m asking you to help me alchemy!” Shen Xiang said: “Go, let’s go to Ancient Era! You will know when you get there!”


Shen Xiang and the long-awaited smoke charm came to Ancient Era and came to Hundred Flowers Village!

After entering Hundred Flowers Village, the smoke charm saw many beautiful people, and it seems to be very good with Shen Xiang relationship, at least she can see their feelings for Shen Xiang’s from the women’s eyes.

After Shen Xiang came back, he came to Danxiangyuan with a smoky charm and pushed the smoke charm directly to Su Maiyao and Hua Xiangyue.

“This bitter goblin is handed over to you to help me cure her.” Shen Xiang gave Su Maiyao and Hua Xiangyue a color, then went to find Feng Yujie.

After Feng Yujie learned that Shen Xiang had cultivated World Defying God Source, it was also full of surprises.

“You little rainbow, the progress is always so fast!” Feng Yujie squeezed a pair of Shen Xiang’s arms, then leaned on Shen Xiang’s arms, and sighed: “The Divine Fruit you gave us last time, we are all I have just mastered it soon, and we are very lacking in dao creation saint crystal, which affects our progress.”

“dao creation saint crystal? This should not be a problem. I bring back a fairy, she should have a lot of dao creation saint crystal! And her Dan is also very good, and also cultivated World Defying God Source.” Shen Xiang happily Said with a smile.

“Well, it’s been a long time, you just turned back a woman.” Feng Yujie adjusted said with a smile.

“I didn’t eat her again! I just want her to help you.” Shen Xiang said with a grievance.

“Then you are too bad. People may want you to eat her, but you use her like this.” Feng Yujie Jiao said with a smile: “Well, I will treat her well!”

Shen Xiang went to find Xue Xianxian Liu Meng’er, they also encountered the same problem, that is, dao creation saint crystal is lacking… and they have mastered a lot of Legendary Spell.

“I have to go to Nine Firmaments Dragon City and I haven’t seen those old friends for a long time,” Shen Xiang said.

“Now Long Jiuxiao is the strongest in the world, and almost has cultivated World Defying God Source. Their Dragon Clan guys are born with good aptitude,” said Dongfang Xinyue.

“This is great! So, Nine Firmaments Dragon City has a certain strength.” Shen Xiang was a surprise.

“That is, Nine Firmaments Dragon City originally had a lot of excellent Alchemist, and we have sent Dansay in the past, certainly strong.” Xue Xianxian said with a smile.

“I will go to Nine Firmaments Dragon City!” Shen Xiang can’t wait.

Shen Xiang immediately travels to Nine Firmaments Dragon City through the Teleportation Formation in Hundred Flowers Village.

After passing through, it appears inside a hall in Nine Firmaments Dragon City. Long Shuangru is responsible for contacting Nine Firmaments Dragon City, so this is also the residence of Long Jiuxiao.

When Shen Xiang arrived, she just saw Long Shuangru coming, she was about to enter the Teleportation Formation to return.

“Shuangru!” Shen Xiang smiled and hadtily walked over and stroked her face.

“You are finally here! I am jealous that he is free at this time.” Long Shuangru said with a smile: “I will go back first, you will go find him.”

“Good!” When Shen Xiang came here, he felt as familiar as before. He had to go to Long Jiuxiao, but he passed by a lobby. At this time, there was a fat man standing tall, not exactly a few hundred. People tell how brave and powerful they are.

This person is Zhu Rong!

“Old Zhu is the same guy as before, I am going to tease him!” Shen Xiang immediately became a look and then entered the lobby.

“Zhu Rong is right, you are now the peak of Legendary World Defying Realm, but this is not the highest Realm.” Shen Xiang said after coming.

Zhu Rong couldn’t recognize Shen Xiang, and at this time Yun Xiaodao just came in and saw someone provoke his death, and he secretly rejoiced, then walked over and planned to help Zhu Rong.