Chapter 3813

World Defying Dan God

When Zhu Rong saw someone coming to the scene, he was slightly frowned. He saw Yun Xiaodao laughing next to Hehe, his face full of joy and sorrow, and he secretly suspected that this person was sent by Yun Xiaodao.

“Legendary World Defying Realm is the hard-to-reach peak for most people! What is it just a Legendary World Defying Realm? You say it is light, you know? Even the City Lord of our Nine Firmaments Dragon City Long Jiuxiao, now only about to cultivate World Defying God Source, in other words, in the Nine Firmaments Dragon City, except the City Lord, I am one of the best players.” Zhu Rong boast shamelessly said.

“if wanted to play one game?” Yun Xiaodao suddenly refused to accept.

“No matter whether you win or lose, I am not one or two. There is no need to fight.” Zhu Rong said indifferently: “But the last time you tried, you have lost to me.”

“I am embarrassed, why don’t you say last time, and last time, you lost to me twice before.” Yun Xiaodao came over and 讥said with a smile.

“The hero does not mention the courage of the year.” Zhu Rong lightly smiled: “You have lost to me recently, indicating that you are not as good as me at this stage, but before it was before, who did not lose?”

“The Nine Firmaments Dragon City is not necessarily the strongest of you, we are Nine Firmaments Dragon City experts as common as clouds, and we are not in the forefront of you, and you must be modest, dead fat!” Yun Xiaodao coldly snorted and said .

There are many powerful old people in Nine Firmaments Dragon City. Many of the powerful old friends that Shen Xiang met at the time are gathered in Nine Firmaments Dragon City, and Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong are only in the eyes of these old people. Little rascal is just the head.

“The old seniors are highly respected and strength outstanding. I certainly don’t compare with them.” Zhu Rong hehe smiled: “little rascal Yun, let’s go on, don’t continue to influence my teaching. If you want to find it, no problem, now and me.” Play one game.”

“Do you know that I am hurt and still fight with me?” Yun Xiaodao snorted.

“Yes, then next time! Anyway, you will lose to me.” Zhu Rong carefully followed with a smile, then waved and let Yun Xiaodao retreat.

Shen Xiang couldn’t help but laugh, and Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao were as often as they were before.

“What are you laughing at?” Zhu Rong looked at Shen Xiang.

“Would you like me to fight with you?” said Shen Xiang.

“Okay, no problem, so I can also point my profile one or two on the spot.” Zhu Rong smiled: “There is a martial stage here, let’s play there!”

Zhu Rong points to an open area in front.

“Come on!” Shen Xiang immediately walked over.

Yun Xiaodao was shocked. He didn’t know what the person who emerged suddenly appeared. But most of them can be found in this place.

Zhu Rong thought that this was Yun Xiaodao’s person, but he didn’t pay attention to it because he felt that Shen Xiang’s breath was not too strong and he felt that he could deal with it.

After entering the martial stage, you can open a form yourself to withstand the energy that erupted during the battle.

At this time, the people around them were staring at them. Zhu Rong was their Teacher. They also wanted to see how strong Zhu Rong’s strength was. Fighting like Zhu Rong was very rare.

“Ready? I will let you fight first!” Shen Xiang said with a slight smile.

“You look really confident.” Zhu Rong has already rushed over, and hits Shen Xiang in the air, setting off a blue brilliance, like a gust of lightning over the past.

Shen Xiang just trembled, releasing a weak force of God Source, flowing in flesh and blood.

Zhu Rong After the violent lightning strike came, Shen Xiang used the power of God Source to block it, so he stood there and did not move, he succeeded in taking Zhu Rong.

After Zhu Rong finished the game, she thought that Shen Xiang would be burned out, but it was safe and sound, which made him show a look of ghosts.

Even Yan Xiaodao next to him was surprised.

Although this is a simple test, the power of Zhu Rong’s palm is not weak, and unexpectedly does not cause any damage to the other party.

Zhu Rong did not believe in evil, but also shot two palms in succession. Two blue brilliances with strong lightning flashed away. In the blink of an eye, Shen Xiang’s body was covered, and the sound of p p pā lā was heard.

Shen Xiang, as before, stood there and did not move!

Zhu Rong quickly retreat a few steps and was shocked.

“Who are you?” Zhu Rong hastily asked.

“Nine Firmaments City Lord !”ududly someone was shouted and Long Jiuxiao came.

I saw a burly middle-aged man coming in the distance, wearing a golden armor, full of compelling dragon power, and when he walked, he was even bursting.

“Shen Xiang, don’t make trouble!” Long Jiuxiao smiled shouted.

Both Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao stunned, and then looked at Shen Xiang, even more shocked!

I saw that Shen Xiang’s appearance gradually changed and changed back to an actual handsome appearance.

“Big Brother Shen !” Yun Xiaodao was pleasantly surprised, hastily shouted.

“actually is your brother, I will say, how can there be such a wicked thing.” Zhu Rong smiled and said: “You guy, unexpectedly dare to mess with me.”

“It’s not because your cowhide is too loud, and everyone Big Brother Shen can’t stand it anymore.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time. There have been a lot of things happening, and you have become very strong, but there is a feeling that we just met each other.” Shen Xiang was very emotional.

“Yeah, many old friends walked away and scattered.” Yun Xiaodao sighed.

“You all go back!” Long Jiuxiao said to those disciplines.

Those disciplines also know Shen Xiang’s things, but they are shocked because Shen Xiang is a Legend-like character in Nine Firmaments Dragon City.

Then Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao came to Long Jiuxiao’s living room.

“I finally waited for you to come back.” Long Jiuxiao said with a smile : “You have cultivated World Defying God Source?”

“Brother, you have cultivated World Defying God Source, and I am happy, I just lost a big man.” Zhu Rong said with a smile.

“It’s very difficult to cultivate World Defying God Source, Nine Firmaments City Lord. You seem to have closed many times and stayed in the time formation plate for a long time, but there is no breakthrough.” Yun Xiaodao said.

“Yes!” Long Jiuxiao frowned and nodded.

“I am eating a breakthrough.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile.

“Yeah, for a long time, I almost forgot that you are an Alchemist!” Yun Xiaodao took a thigh and remembered Shen Xiang, the most powerful identity.

“This kind of Dan I can make Hundred Flowers Village refining it, but it takes a lot of dao creation saint crystal! It takes about 150 million one!” Shen Xiang said.

“To be so many dao creation saint crystal!” Zhu Rong was shocked.

“This is not easy to get.” Yun Xiaodao shook his head.

“You should know about things outside of Ancient Era,” Shen Xiang said.

“I sent many people out, they will look around Nine Firmaments Dragon City, if they meet those underground people, they will go all out.” Long Jiuxiao said: “In addition, I also sent hundreds of elite teams. Responsible for going out to hunt down the underground people, this group of people is doing evil, the means are cruel, and the death is not enough!”