Chapter 3814

World Defying Dan God

Shen Xiang is here to say this.

“I am going to talk to you about the underground people.” Shen Xiang immediately talked about the Hell family, Creation Crystal Clan and the newly created Creation Star Clan, telling Long Jiuxiao about these things and let Long Jiuxiao respond.

“Nine Firmaments Senior, if you can, go to Medicine God Villa and go directly to Medicine God. You can secretly unite.” Shen Xiang said: “And I will find a way to break the barrier of Creation Medicine God State.” , took the Creation Medicine God State.”

Creation Medicine God State is controlled by Creation Crystal Clan, which uses the energy of nine Divine Tree to raise a large number of beasts while controlling several other Creation Clan.

From the current point of view, Creation Crystal Clan is considered the overlord of Ancient Era!

“Well, I will go to Medicine God Villa for a trip. If it is successful, we will establish Teleportation Formation.” Long Jiuxiao said: “Our Firm Ning Firmaments Dragon City’s Pill Dao is also very strong, and then cooperate with Medicine God Villa. We must be stronger.”

“Well, then I will find a way to cultivate World Defying God Source!” said Shen Xiang, who then gave Long Jiuxiao more than a dozen clone spells and told Long Jiuxiao clone the use of the spell.

Let Long Jiuxiao allocate these spells to the soul stone.

“I just want to go to Creation Medicine God State, I will come back later!” Shen Xiang said, he also has an important thing to find Long Yue.

“Good!” Long Jiuxiao nodded. Now he knows the specific situation of Ancient Era from Shen Xiang’s mouth. He didn’t know so much before, and he didn’t expect it to be so complicated.

At least they have not yet explored the specifics of Creation Medicine God State.

Shen Xiang went back to Hundred Flowers Village and went to find Lu Qilian, talked to her about a period of time, and then went back to find the smoke.

“Shen Xiang, you must find Little Yue, don’t let her go wrong.” Smoke charm seems to have fallen in love here, because she can learn Shen Xiang’s Danshu here, and already knows Shen Xiang’s many things.

“Well, you can help me protect Hundred Flowers Village… and if Nine Firmaments Dragon City is attacked, you have to shoot,” Shen Xiang said.

“Know it!” Smoky and Su Maiyao, they are very familiar, after all, she is a Pill Devil, Dan is still very clever, and also masters many herbs.

“Shen Xiang, I will leave a clone down!” Xiao Xianglin suddenly came out of Hidden Jade Villa. This is one of her clones: “I went to find Meng’er, and I have a clone here, I can know it here.” Things.”

Shen Xiang nodded, then came to Xue Xianxian with Xiao Xianglin. They saw what Little Baihu and Dongfang Jing were doing. They saw Shen Xiang and Xiao Xianglin coming, and they were very happy.

Little Baihu, Xiao Xianglin’s little Disciple, is now more familiar with Liu Meng’er for their refiner set up formation.

Xiao Xianglin, after seeing Xue Xianxian and Dongfang Xinyue, immediately took out the disc that Hell God Lord gave her, and told them about the role of the disc.

“This is a very good project!” Xu Youqing just took a look and took a deep breath.

“Well! I can’t do it myself, I need your help.” Xiao Xianglin nodded, which also caused her to leave a clone here.

“This also requires a very powerful source of energy!” Liu Meng’er frowned.

“Where is there such an energy source in Ancient Era?” Xue Xianxian said with a long sigh: “Otherwise it is difficult to maintain such a large formation.”

“Creation Medicine God State !” Shen Xiang said: “So I have to get the Creation Medicine God State back!”

Creation Medicine God State’s nine Divine Tree means energy sources, but these energy sources are hidden in mysterious places and need to be opened by the Creation Origin Key.

“It’s up to you!” said Xiao Xianglin.

“I will succeed!” Shen Xiang left the yard and found Xue Ying, the Phoenix, and brought her.

Originally he was looking for Long Xueyi and Leng Youlan and Long Huishan, but they all went out, so they can only take Xue Ying because she belongs to the divine beast.

After leaving Hundred Flowers Village, Shen Xiang went to Creation Medicine God State.

“Through Long Yue’s dragon scales, we should be able to find her,” said Xiao Xianglin.

At this time, Mai and Jing sisters are telling Xue Ying about some things. The reason Shen Xiang brought her is to find Long Yue, the Creation Beast Clan.

At the beginning, Chu Jinfeng awakened a strong strength. It seems to be a ritual through Creation Beast Clan. He remembers that Long Yue once said that Phoenix is ​​a rare divine beast, the hidden strength is strong, and there is undying.

Primogenitor of Creation Beast itself has a certain undying bloodline, so he will become like that later, and Primogenitor of Creation Beast inherits this powerful undying force when creating beasts.

“The things outside are actually so complicated. I went out and killed a group of underground people. These guys are also very strong,” said Xue Ying.

“First go find Long Yue and see if she has any way to motivate the strongest strength in your body. If it is successful, you might have a real undying body, even condensing World Defying God Source. Said Shen Xiang.

“Yeah!” Xue Ying is looking forward to: “If I have a strong strength, I can fight alongside you!”

“That is!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile.

Among Hundred Flowers Village, there are many women who are good at fighting. At this time, most of them go out to kill the underground people. For example, Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian are the captains of a small team. When they return, they will be replaced. Another batch went out.

Shen Xiang went straight to Creation Medicine God State and came out of the barrier of Creation Medicine God State a few days later.

“The powerful guy who last tracked me personally should be Creation Crystal Clan Emperor. I am here now, haven’t seen him coming out?” After Shen Xiang cultivated World Defying God Source, even Golden Fire Overlord was not afraid. .

“This barrier has been enhanced!” Xiao Xianglin frowned. “I can break open, but it takes a lot of time… I am going to refine a formation plate now. You should go to Primogenitor of Creation Beast first, maybe. Long Yue went to find him.”

Xiao Xianglin said before that if she cultivated World Defying God Source, she might break into the powerful barrier of Creation Medicine God State. At this time, she has already let a clone start to refine the formation plate, and the deity is going Comprehend the star spirit stone.


The altar of the Primogenitor of Creation Beast is a thousand miles away. The earth on the ground is dark, and it is also sinister and rich in black blood.

“It’s the blood of evil beast!” Shen Xiang grabbed a touch of mud and then frowned. “Is Long Yue killing evil beast here?”

He hadtily rushed to the altar!

The altar has become dark, and all around the earth is the body of all kinds of beasts, all broken, and there is a pile of hills, it is a body like a human!

It is the creation of Shapeshift’s beast!

After Shen Xiang came, she saw Long Yue. She gasped and stood on the head of a black giant tiger. The scales on her body were broken, and many dragon scales were dropped. The black sword in the hand was also full of collapse. The whole body is rolling.

On the altar, next to the Primogenitor of Creation Beast, stood a handsome man wearing a gorgeous gold armor, holding a long spear, pretentious, full of pride.

“Long Yue, you still let the Creation Beast Clan emperor position!” The man is coldly said.