Chapter 3815

World Defying Dan God

“Yang Jinwei, Creation Beast Clan has been killed by me. What do you want to use with Creation Beast Clan?” Long Yue wiped the sword in her hand, although she looked rather wolf at this time, but she was bloody. The momentum on her body is not weak at all, showing that she was not injured.

“As long as Creation Medicine God State and this Primogenitor of Creation Beast are in, I don’t have a strong army of beasts.” Yang Jinwei laughed: “And at this time you control the beast of the beast, those inferior beasts only listen. You command, they must have a big complaint against you, you will give it to me!”

“Why?” Long Yue said with a sneer.

“Just my father is Golden Fire Overlord!” Yang Jinwei said while loudly laughing : “Ancient Era will be half of our Yang Family!”

Shen Xiang was shocked by the heart. This Yang Jinwei unexpectedly is the son of Golden Fire Overlord.

The grandson who was injured by him was the son of this man.

“Golden Fire Overlord Didn’t he come? His grandson has been abolished and dared to let his son come.” Long Yue 讥said with a smile.

“This account that my son was abolished, I will be clear with Shen Xiang! We will take him sooner or later, you don’t have to worry.” Yang Jinwei gloomy and cold smiled: “Shen Xiang is now the key to our plan. You seem to have been saved by her, what about others now?”

“I am here!”

Shen Xiang suddenly appeared, directly below the altar, looking at Yang Jinwei above.

Long Yue thought that Shen Xiang had to undergo a period of time to breakthrough. I didn’t expect to unexpectedly cultivate World Defying God Source so quickly. She came to Ancient Era in advance, just to settle the Creation Beast Clan. After the beasts of the beasts, they all died here.

The betrayed beast will come here to eat the meat of Primogenitor of Creation Beast, which will be used to strengthen himself and become a more powerful evil beast. It will become the main strength of evil in the future, so Long Yue can’t wait, just come over. .

Long Yue has two clones, and even now facing the Golden Fire Overlord will not be as unstoppable as before.

Yang Jinwei saw Shen Xiang, could not help but he did not expect that Shen Xiang just mentioned, Shen Xiang appeared here, and he even suspected that Shen Xiang is very likely to come very early, but has never appeared.

“Your son is abolished by me. I keep his dog life. You should be grateful to me.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer.

After hearing it, Yang Jinwei was furious, and the long spear in his hand immediately took off his hand, swaying the world, setting off a fierce storm and spurting toward Shen Xiang.

I have to say that Yang Jinwei’s strength is very terrifying, just throwing long spear, it bursts out a golden wind, like a dusty storm covering the earth.

Originally all around was painted black, full of the flesh and blood of the beast, but all of them were blown away after the gun spurted out.

Shen Xiang is already ready. The mirror of Divine Mirror of Six Paths gushes a white light. When the long spear spurs down, it is blocked by the white light. Even a little qi wave does not overflow!

The golden wind that broke out originally, the countless wounded corpses that had been blown out, was suddenly sucked back by a suction, all flocked to Shen Xiang’s Divine Mirror of Six Paths!

Devour ! Endless devour!

All the energy of all around is flocking to Shen Xiang’s Divine Mirror of Six Paths, and the golden long spear has fallen into the Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

Yang Jinwei suddenly sweats on his forehead, and the golden long spear is his Divine Weapon, but now it has to be swallowed up.

In anxious, Yang Jinwei slammed his fist, and the golden giant fist hammered down, and Shen Xiang waved back against the falling golden light.

Hōng lóng!

A striking that shook the earth as if it had collapsed broke out. The Shocking Heaven Palm, which was driven by God Source, was distorted. The power of the powerful God Source of Yang Jinwei’s golden giant condense was also shaken.

“devour him!” After Shen Xiang loudly shouted, Divine Mirror of Six Paths flashed white and swallowed the long spear directly.

“Slaughtering Evil Dragon, now!”

Shen Xiang waved his hand, his arm suddenly burst into red and black, and then rushed up. He punched Yang Jinwei in the air and saw a black and red dragonfly flying out, turning into a powerful fist energy. !

This punch is the pressure of condense, which was originally in the daytime, but all the space in all directions collapsed and became dark.

Yang Jinwei just felt the incomparably powerful momentum, and the heart was full of fear. The whole altar was violently shaking, and it seemed to be shattered.

“father!” Yang Jinwei The voice of fear shook a little, loud voice screamed.

Shen Xiang’s killing dragon boxing has fallen on Yang Jinwei’s body, like a dragon rushing past, running through his body and pouring into the altar!


The altar was directly smashed by this strength, Yang Jinwei had no residue left, and the Primogenitor of Creation Beast was sealed on the altar. He was also affected, but he still had a little piece left, and then it was broken. In just a few moments, the block restored him.

“I almost got killed.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast remembered that Shen Xiang had just punched and was shocked.

“Let’s go, Golden Fire Overlord is coming soon. This guy can’t handle the madness, and he might come and create Crystal Clan Emperor.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said quickly, taking out a formation plate. Transfer to Shen Valley and Long Yue to a valley.

After coming to the valley, Shen Xiang saw a small house, saw a child sitting at the door of the hut, and a middle-aged man who was concentrating on the closed eyes and basking in the sun.

“Tree boss, Shi Shu!” Shen Xiang quickly shouted.

Primogenitor of Creation Beast’s Teleportation Formation unexpectedly can be delivered to this place.

“Where is this?” Long Yue asked, and she seemed to know Shi Shu and the tree boss.

“This is Chuangyuan Valley!” the tree boss replied.

“Shen Xiang, haha, we finally met!” Shi Shu said with a smile.

“This little rascal, really live, unexpectedly not dead.” The tree boss said: “It’s still with Old Dragon.”

“Are you not dead?” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said with a smile.

Primogenitor of Creation Beast Come here, obviously there are other intentions.

“I still have something to deal with, I want to leave this.” Long Yue said that although she had already put down her hatred against the Primogenitor of Creation Beast, she was still not used to it.

“Little girl, do you have anything to come out?” The tree boss, the seemingly fart child, shouted, making Long Yue very angry.

“Important!” Long Yue coldly snorted.

“Golden Fire Overlord’s son gave up.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said: “Golden Fire Overlord will definitely go crazy.”

“Who did it?” asked Shi Shu, but he seemed to have an answer.

“I accidentally killed him. I thought I would keep him and threaten Golden Fire Overlord with him.” Shen Xiang didn’t really think that his killing dragon fist was so terrifying, he knew that he would not have to kill three. Scarlet Dragon is a fusion, one is enough to kill Yang Jinwei.

“It’s so powerful!” The tree boss haha ​​said with a smile. It was the inheritance of Shen Xiang’s penetrating power, but this penetrating power seems to be of no use.