Chapter 3816 returns to China

World Defying Dan God

Both the tree boss and Shi Shu have been under the strength of Dao Creation God Lord. Now the Primogenitor of Creation Beast can come here, it seems that their relationship is good.

“How is the situation outside now?” The tree boss said: “We have not been here before, and have been here and the others.”

“The original we are waiting for Hell God Lord, I didn’t expect you to come,” Shi Shu said.

In the prophecy of Dao Creation God Lord, it has been determined that only one of the ancestors of Hell God Lord can survive, and Primogenitor of Creation Beast can or, this is a variable.

Primogenitor of Creation Beast didn’t know anything about the outside world. He looked at Shen Xiang and Long Yue.

“For me!” Shen Xiang then told them about the crisis that Ancient Era had encountered at the time.

“It seems that it is time for us to take the shot. Let’s go to the Hell God Lord first.” The boss said: “I’m afraid we can barely suppress the guys who live in Creation Star Clan.”

“It’s enough to deal with them,” says Shen Xiang. “And Creation Crystal Clan masters Creation Medicine God State, which is my biggest concern, and must completely prevent them from gaining the energy of Creation Medicine God State.”

“This is a problem… you have nine Creation Origin Keys in your hand, which requires you to enter the Divine Tree of Creation Medicine God State, with a passage in each Divine Tree that will eventually lead to the same place. It is the source of the energy of Ancient Era.” The tree boss said that he is a Divine Tree, so he will know these things.

“I will go now!” said Shen Xiang.

“I will go with you!” Long Yue said. “There are a lot of beasts in Creation Medicine God State. Now it should be used by Creation Crystal Clan to ingest the energy of the nine Divine Tree. As soon as I enter, I can let They quickly withdrew.”

“Good!” Shen Xiang nodded.

Shen Xiang and Long Yue left the valley together and quickly flew to Creation Medicine God State on the Divine Mirror of Six Paths.

“Smoke charm? Did she come to you with Ancient Era?” Long Yue said.

“Come here, I settled her in a place alchemy, you don’t have to worry about her.” Shen Xiang said: “We will enter the Creation Medicine God State first. If the strength is not enough, let the smoke charm help.”

“Creation Medicine God State has a strong barrier outside. I have been there before, and it is difficult to breakthrough.” Long Yue frowned and said: “I don’t know if Xiaojie has a way, she is so powerful, it should be no problem.”

“She said that in the refinement of the formation plate, it will be completed soon.” Shen Xiang said: “As long as it is not the kind of violent law, we can mix it in secret.”

Shen Xiang has let Xiao Xianglin refine the formation plate of the solve barrier, allowing them to mix in with minimal movement.

“If this is the case, after I go inside, I can quickly know what is going on through the beast.” Long Yue said: “If the movement is too big, the people inside will be inevitably fighting, and the strength of Creation Crystal Clan is not weak. Now try to avoid fighting with them.”

“And there is, Golden Fire Overlord is definitely in the Creation Medicine God State.”

Golden Fire Overlord’s son was killed, Golden Fire Overlord will be furious, Shen Xiang thought of this, but also secretly warned that after entering the Creation Medicine God State, there are too many opponents to face.

Shen Xiang and Long Yue came outside the Creation Medicine God State and looked at the situation inside. They only found that the light from the big tree inside was dim.

“It may be that the soul of the tree converges energy!” said Shen Xiang, and then took out the modeling plate that Xiao Xianglin had just refined. He opened the formation plate and faced the invisible barrier shrouded in Creation Medicine God State.

The strength of the formation plate is released, and Shen Xiang and Long Yue feel a very strange strong strength, as if they have penetrated the barrier.

At this time, the barrier also swayed violently, causing a “whistling” sound throughout the Creation Medicine God State.

“A passport has been opened, let’s go in.” Long Yue shouted, then hastily pulled Shen Xiang to the gap of the barrier.

Soon after they entered, the gap in the barrier was closed.

“If Golden Fire Overlord is here, will he find us?” Shen Xiang was previously tracked by Golden Fire Overlord and Creation Crystal Clan Emperor.

Now that he has cultivated World Defying God Source, he can hide more atmosphere.

“It’s hard to say, in short, I am more likely to be discovered by them.” Long Yue has closed his eyes and built a telepathy with the beasts here.

This telepathy allows her to read the memories of all the beasts and see what these beasts see.

“There are a lot of beasts who bite the trunk inside Divine Tree, like digging a Divine Tree from top to bottom.” Long Yue said: “I have stopped these beasts. If I dig it down, it won’t take long. Divine Tree will definitely fall.”

“Can you know where Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng are? I am looking for them!” Shen Xiang is now afraid to contact Chu Jinfeng, Golden Fire Overlord and Creation Crystal Clan. He definitely knows Chu Jinfeng and his relationship, and is strict with Chu Jinfeng. The surveillance, if he contacted Chu Jinfeng, is likely to harm Chu Jinfeng.

“Found! They are all in the purple fire Divine Tree. Currently only the purple fire Divine Tree has not been affected. Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng used a big strength to make Creation Crystal Clan give up the purple fire Divine Tree. They,” Long Yue said.

“Well, let’s go to the purple fire Divine Tree now,” said Shen Xiang.

“I won’t go, I want to control the people who make up the Creation Crystal Clan.” Long Yue closed his eyes and saw a lot of things, saying: “There are also a lot of Golden Fire Overlord people here, but Their strength is not too strong, you don’t have to worry about them.”

Shen Xiang Go to the purple fire Divine Tree now.

After Creation Crystal Clan occupied Creation Medicine God State, many people in it complained because Creation Crystal Clan and Golden Fire Overlord were oppressing them, especially Alchemist, and they were forced to use alchemy.

The refining of the dan is made from the flesh and blood of the beast, and the beast eats the bite of the Divine Tree, and the strength of the Divine Tree can be obtained. If the heart flesh of the beast is taken out, the alchemy can be refined. High.

“Creation Crystal Clan, even if they have a lot of dao creation saint crystals, can’t refine Dan, which can make them break through their own bottlenecks.” Shen Xiang sneered in his heart: “It can only be done by this means!”

He soon came under the purple fire Divine Tree, and now only the purple fire Divine Tree has a better environment, and the other Divine Tree are bleak.

Shen Xiang entered the Divine Tree and immediately took out a leaf, which led him to find Zuo Xingfeng.

Zuo Xingfeng lived in a higher place in the Purple Fire Divine Tree. After Shen Xiang flew here, he entered a tree hole and saw Zuo Xingfeng and Yu Weizhou, and he immediately appeared.

“Yu Old Zuo is old!” Shen Xiang appeared behind him, and they became more aware of their breath, because they saw someone suddenly appearing, and they immediately ran their strength and prepared to attack.

Both Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng have developed World Defying God Source, which is also a strong strength here, and is also sheltered by Divine Tree, so Creation Crystal Clan and Golden Fire Overlord are very jealous of them.

“Shen Xiang!” Yu Weizhou saw Shen Xiang, excited and surprised.