Chapter 3817

World Defying Dan God

Zuo Xingfeng was also excited to have come over, but they waited for Shen Xiang to wait for a long time, because they knew from the beginning of Chu Jinfeng that Creation Crystal Clan was not a good thing.

At this time, Creation Crystal Clan does not hide it, using the madness of the beast to destroy the nine Divine Tree!

“We are now going to completely break the barrier that envelops Creation Medicine God State.” Shen Xiang said: “Then people flee here! There must be a great war here.”

“Do you want to do this? Now it’s all about you!” Yu Weizhou knows that Shen Xiang has many means.

“In the purple fire Divine Tree, there should be a strange door that leads to a secret source, and I need to get there!” said Shen Xiang.

Xiao Xianglin gave him the formation plate to break the formation, mainly because the energy provided was not enough, so he could only open a passage for a short time and let him and Long Yue come in.

If there is enough strength, you can motivate the formation plate to destroy all the barriers and large formations that are enveloped in the Creation Medicine God State.

“The soul of the tree should know this!” Shen Xiang said: “Come take me to the place where the soul is!”

Speaking of the soul of the tree, Zuo Xingfeng and Yu Weizhou’s faces are extremely ugly.

“The soul of the tree has been vanish from sight… We don’t know what the reason is, and the tree spirit has not completely disappeared after being sealed for such a long time.” Zuo Xingfeng said.

“The same is true for other Divine Tree!” Yu Weizhou was indignant: “They are Creation Crystal Clan, a group of beasts who are now angering the soul!”

“No problem, we are going to the place where the soul is located.” Shen Xiang has been to the secret of the tree spirit before.

Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng hastily headed with Shen Xiang.

After coming to the stone room, there was nothing in the empty space, and there should be a purple glowing bead here.

Shen Xiang lets He Fengyuan come out and she can contact the Purple Fire Divine Tree.

After closing his eyes, He Fengyuan said: “The soul of the tree has been hiding, because he feels that the crisis is coming, he is hiding in the source of energy.”

“Where?” Zuo Xingfeng hastily asked.

“It’s at our feet!” He Fengyuan pointed to the ground: “Requires Creation Origin Key to open!”

“Shen Xiang, you go in, we are outside,” Zuo Xingfeng said.

“They are all monitoring our every move. Now, when we see us coming here, we will be suspicious.” Yu Weizhou said: “You can quickly solve the seal of Creation Medicine God State, so that people can leave temporarily.”

Creation Medicine God State is very crowded and has many people, and Divine Tree in other areas has been controlled by Creation Crystal Clan. If the person with World Defying God Source is here at great war, it will definitely affect many people. If the road can be hidden, it will be a serious injury.

Shen Xiang nodded, then let He Fengyuan enter the Hidden Jade Villa, and then took out nine Creation Origin Keys, Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng have gone outside.

Shen Xiang pierced the ground with nine Creation Origin Keys, only to see the ground suddenly purple light, and then he fell into a purple passage.

After a few blinks, he came to a huge space with nine colors of fire, and in this huge space, there are nine Great Fireballs with different colors.

“This is the energy source of the nine Divine Tree?” Shen Xiang looked up and let He Fengyuan come out.

“I contacted the soul of the tree. He said that you can enter this place and you can control the strength here! You only need to hold the Creation Origin Key in your hand and you can freely ignite the energy inside,” He Fengyuan said.

Shen Xiang took out the unsealed printed formation plate, then clasped nine Creation Origin Keys and pointed to the formation plate. After seeing the movement, I saw nine Creation Origin Keys shining and igniting a strong light rainbow. Into the formation plate.

The energy that was suddenly poured into it was very violent, and the formation plate violently trembled, and then the formation plate broke out with a qi wave.

Qi wave broke out, then formed an energy shield, slowly expanded, and finally enveloped the entire Creation Medicine God State!

Creation Medicine God State After a violent shaking, the Creation Crystal Clan was used to cover the creation of the Creative Medicine God State.

“Successful!” Shen Xiang is secretly excited. Now wait for Xiao Xianglin and Xue Xianxian to refine their barriers. If they are successful, among the Ancient Era, those who cultivate World Defying God Source cannot use the strongest strength. Otherwise, It will be transmitted as if it were in Hell.

In the outside Long Yue sensed that the barrier was broken, she immediately controlled all the beasts leaving the Creation Medicine God State!

In the next moment, the number of hunting thousand beasts was like a flood, and they rushed out along the rivers.

Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng are full of joy!

“What have you done?” Creation Crystal Clan Emperor suddenly appeared outside a tree hole in the purple fire Divine Tree, suspended in the air, and the dime of the golden crystal of his Divine Tree shines.

“We just untied the shackles of Creation Medicine God State.” Zuo Xingfeng said with a sneer: “You want to do something about Creation Medicine God State, we are very clear.”

Both Zuo Xingfeng and Yu Weizhou have already cultivated World Defying God Source, and after the seal was broken by Shen Xiang, the light of the entire purple fire Divine Tree suddenly rose.

“Creation Crystal Clan, from now on, we are no longer oppressed by you!” Yu Weizhou snorted and slammed into Creation Crystal Clan Emperor.

The fist energy bursts in addition to the purple flash, vibrating the entire Creation Medicine God State, such as the beam straight into the Creation Crystal Clan Emperor’s body, directly through it, making a big hole in the Creation Crystal Clan Emperor’s body.

Yu Weizhou clenched his fist and felt the angry strength given by the Purple Fire Divine Tree. His heart was also shocked. This is the strength of Divine Tree!

“You… why can you borrow the power of Divine Tree!” Creation Crystal Clan Emperor is full of surprises and fears. This is what he has been yearning for, which means controlling the strength of Ancient Era.

They have been using the beast to transform the strength of the Divine Tree for their own use, which is far less terrifying than the direct delivery of the Divine Tree.

Zuo Xingfeng has flashed behind Creation Crystal Clan Emperor, and with a palm of his hand, the purple light smashes the lower body of Creation Crystal Clan Emperor, hitting the purple fire Divine Tree and being absorbed by the Purple Fire Divine Tree.

Creation Crystal Clan Emperor The body was hit hard, only the upper body, just to fall, was caught by Zuo Xingfeng, is a burst of madness.

“Golden Fire…Save me!” I only heard Creation Crystal Clan Emperor loud voice screaming.

“That guy ran away!” Yu Weizhou looked at the golden light that had disappeared in the air: “He returned to Origin Creation God Territory, but he wouldn’t be willing to give up. The power of Divine Tree in Creation Medicine God State has always been They want to control, but now we see that we are in control, and we definitely think they can.”

“What about other people in Creation Crystal Clan?” said Zuo Xingfeng.

“All killed!” Yu Weizhou coldly said: “They have made a lot of devastating things during this time, and they are not enough to die.”

Yu Weizhou looked at the Creation Crystal Clan Emperor lying on the tree hole passage, angrily said: “Just kill him, it is too convenient to him!”