Chapter 3818

World Defying Dan God

Zuo Xingfeng waved his hand, palms Purple Qi, then pressed down, the flashing purple light screamed, heavily squatting on the body of Creation Crystal Clan Emperor, pressing it into a purple mist, then being Purple fire Divine Tree Absorption.

After Shen Xiang came out, he frowned. “I just felt a strong breath just now? How did it disappear?”

“That guy is Creation Crystal Clan Emperor, it has been killed by us.” Zuo Xingfeng laughed: “You are late.”

“You are really quick to start!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, and saw that Zuo Xingfeng and Yu Weizhou had such a strong strength, and his heart was secretly happy.

“Shen Xiang, let us know what is going on here!” Yu Weizhou said: “You don’t have to worry about it, wait a while, come back, I promise that it will be better.”

“Then I will be relieved.” Shen Xiang nodded and smiled.

“Even if Golden Fire Overlord comes back, we are not afraid of him, we will not seal them to Creation Medicine God State.” Zuo Xingfeng said.

They haven’t cultivated World Defying God Source before, and even relying on Divine Tree’s strength is difficult to fight against Creation Crystal Clan and Golden Fire Overlord, but they have now cultivated World Defying God Source, which is more powerful than Divine Tree. Strength.

Shen Xiang went to Long Yue, and Long Yue also took control of Creation Beast Clan.

“The situation in Ancient Era should be basically stable. Hell God Lord led the Hell Hunting Army to deal with the Hell family, and the tree bosses went to deal with the Creation Star Clan,” Long Yue said.

“No, Golden Fire Overlord will definitely return!” Shen Xiang said: “Before this, I must protect Creation Medicine God State.”

“The Hell family is definitely a lot. I am going to reinforce Hell God Lord!” Long Yue said, after all, she holds a large group of beasts, which is also a weak strength.

“Good!” Shen Xiang nodded, and he returned to the valley.

Only the Primogenitor of Creation Beast in the valley is here. Although he has the body of Indestructible, his strength is far less than that of the tree boss and Shi Shu.

“Only less than ten days, the Creation Medicine God State thing is solved?” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said with a smile.

“Yeah!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, sitting on a stone bench: “You saved me, by convention… you should pass the strength of the Indestructible body to me.”

Later, Shen Xiang let Xue Ying come out.

“Phoenix? She has the body of Indestructible, but she hasn’t fully awakened that strength!” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said, waving a fiery red light glow, drifting into Xue Ying’s forehead and entering Xue Ying’s body.

I saw Xue Ying suddenly shrouded in flames.

“It’s just a period of time!” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said: “Although it seems to be burned by a strong flame, she won’t have anything to do.”

Shen Xiang was originally to help Long Yue, but Long Yue said that he didn’t have enough strength, so come to Primogenitor of Creation Beast now.

“What about me?” Shen Xiang said with a laugh.

“There is nothing wrong with you!” Primogenitor of Creation Beast smiled and said, “You reach out and I probe.”

After Shen Xiang reached out, Primogenitor of Creation Beast grabbed his wrist and quickly sensed that he had a very striking strength in his body.

“It should be the strength of the dragon.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast frowned.

Shen Xiang immediately released the killing Scarlet Dragon!

“This dragon is beyond my expectation, and you can control it. It is a miracle.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast looked at the smaller and killing Scarlet Dragon and sighed.

Killing the Scarlet Dragon is also the strongest part of Shen Xiang’s strength at this time. If the body is separated by the clone spell, it will be more terrifying.

Primogenitor of Creation Beast condenses into a black crystal.

“Let your dragon eat!” Primogenitor of Creation Beast just finished, killing Scarlet Dragon came over and swallowed it.

“Okay… he just lost control!” Shen Xiang bitter with a smile: “Sometimes it’s really out of my control!”

“Fortunately, I just want to eat. If the cruel side can’t control, you have to make a decision…” said Primogenitor of Creation Beast.

“I understand!” Shen Xiang nodded.

“Origin Creation God Territory, those guys always want to cultivate the body of Indestructible, but they still can’t cultivate the powerful World Defying divine beast, and I can only teach it to the beast.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said: “When you After the body is seriously injured, just let the dragon release the strength that’s alright.”

“I want to try now… I really have the Indestructible body like you?” Shen Xiang asked.

“Of course, but it’s better not to try, that kind of feeling is not very good!” Primogenitor of Creation Beast bitter with a smile, but he has been conservative for many years.

Among the Origin Creation God Territory, there are many powerful guys who have cultivated World Defying God Source, but they can’t torture him. It shows how powerful this kind of Indestructible is.

“Senior, how do you enter the Origin Creation God Territory with the Creation Origin Key?” Shen Xiang asked.

“You are going to Origin Creation God Territory?” asked Primogenitor of Creation Beast.

“I will open a barrier in the future, and here will limit the people who have cultivated World Defying God Source like Hell, and I have to go to the Origin Creation God Territory and destroy those who want to destroy Ancient Era.” Shen Xiang Said.

“If you go to the Origin Creation God Territory first, just use the Creative Origin Key to make the Creation Origin Key feel the strong thoughts of your inner creation God Territory, you can go.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast said: “Of course, you don’t have to hurry now, wait until your barrier is finished, otherwise you will be chased after the Origin Creation God Territory, and then escape to Ancient Era, which will lead them to chase, and finally to Ancient Era caused damage.”

“Good!” Shen Xiang nodded. “Don’t know if they can deal with the creation Star Clan guy?”

“You can rest assured that Shi Shu and the tree bosses were born to deal with Creation Star Clan. They were very strong at Creation Star Clan, and our ancestors couldn’t help them at all,” said Primogenitor of Creation Beast.

“Is it that they fight to seal Creation Star Clan?” said Shen Xiang.

“It was they who defeated Creation Star Clan, but their strength was not enough to kill them, so Dao Creation God Lord could only seal them in Hell.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast recalls the past: “And I should have Dead… After I killed… Killing Little Yue’s mother, I accidentally got the strength of her, so I have the body of Indestructible. I have never told anyone about this secret.”

“So other people are just guessing why I have the body of undying Indestructible.”

“Is the mother of her sister really not dead?” asked Shen Xiang.

“Yes, she even wants to kill Little Yue to threaten me, to control my Creation Beast Clan.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast sighed: “I saw that she could not save, so she killed the killer!”

“Does she know this thing?” Shen Xiang asked again.

“She didn’t know… but she gradually got to know.” Primogenitor of Creation Beast sighed: “Now she seems to no longer hate me.”